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Diseases and pests of fruit trees: treatments!

Diseases and pests of fruit trees

Date: 01.16.2022

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I, like any gardener, love to grow his own crop. There is nothing tastier than home-grown apples and cherries. But sooner or later, every summer resident is faced with diseases of fruit Trees. Such troubles can affect the amount of the fruits and even lead to the death of an entire garden, if proper measures are not taken in time. The treatment of fruit trees from pests and diseases most often begins in early spring. For the correct treatment of diseases and pests of fruit Trees / plants, it is important to determine the disease.

Table of Contents

Diseases of Fruit trees and their treatment

To learn to distinguish between diseases of fruit Trees, study the signs of each disease and look at pictures of diseased trees.

  • Moniliosis is a fungal fruit Tree disease that can infect any fruit tree. It is characterized by the appearance of brown spots on the fruits with prominent white sporulation. Gradually, the fruit completely decays. For fruit tree diseases treatment, the drug Planriosis will be required, treatment is necessary every 10-15 days. Sick fruits are not suitable for food, they must be burned.
Diseases and pests of fruit trees
  • Milky shine fruit tree disease, Most tree species are affected by this disease. Signs of the disease – a silvery bloom on the leaves, on the cut of the tree branches have a purple color. We cut off diseased branches, treat the wounds with garden pitch.
  • Curly leaves Peach Tree disease, mainly affect peach trees. Brown bubbles appear on the leaves of peach tree. curly leaf peach tree treatment, The leaves affected by the disease are cut off and burned, the tree must be sprayed with Bordeaux liquid (solution of quicklime and copper sulphate) in three stages: before bud break, after harvesting and before the leaves fall.
Diseases and pests of fruit trees
diseases and pests of fruit Trees
  • Apple and pear tree diseases (Scab) . Signs of Apple and pear tree disease scab includes: brown spots on the leaves of tree, cracks and damage to the fruit pear or apple. The affected areas must be burned, the tree should be sprayed with fungicide for fruit trees such as Bordeaux liquid, the root part of the soil – 10% ammonium nitrate.
  • Diseases of stone fruit trees (plum, peach, cherry tree diseases, sweet cherry cherry tree diseases ) – stone puncture and splitting of the stone. Holes form in the bones, and when splitting, it breaks into 2 parts altogether. To avoid infection, we regularly water and feed trees, spray with fungicide for fruit trees such as copper-containing fungicides.
  • Fruit tree cancers, in particular bacterial cancers, are diseases of tree trunks. With this disease, characteristic growths appear on the trunks, the leaves wither, the tree dies. The affected branches or areas should be cut out with a sharp knife, the wounds should be carefully covered with garden varnish, and after that the tree should be sprayed with fungicide for fruit trees such as Benomil and Bordeaux liquid.
Diseases and pests of fruit trees
diseases and pests of fruit Trees: insects on citrus trees
  • Cytosporosis is a disease of the bark of fruit trees that most often affects apple trees. In this disease, the bark of a tree flakes off all over the trunk. Cut off the affected areas in time, cut out rotting sores and carefully process the cuts with garden pitch.

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Garden pests, how to get rid of them

Aphids Garden pests are an insect that lives in colonies. In addition to sucking juices from young shoots, it is dangerous because it carries diseases. Leaves infested with aphids become deformed and wither. Spray aphid colonies with a solution of laundry soap or with Fufanol, Fitoferm, Lepidocil or Bi-58 preparations.

Diseases and pests of fruit trees
diseases and pests of fruit Trees

The red mite Garden pests, is a microscopic insect that colonizes plums, pears and apple trees. Leaves dehydrated by this pest quickly wither and fall off. Bi-58 or Fitoferm will help to cope with these insects. 

The sawfly, apple or plum, settles on the corresponding tree. It spoils the fruit, eating out passages and holes in them, leaving a sticky trail behind. The drugs Karbofos, Bi-58 and Fufanol are capable of driving these insects away. Spray the trees with insecticide for fruit trees after the flower petals fall.

The main reason for the worminess of all varieties of apples is the codling moth. She gnaws holes in the fruit, the apple rots from the inside. To combat this caterpillar, Zolon and Bazudin are used, spraying with insecticide for fruit trees is carried out in two stages: in mid-June and again after 3-4 weeks.

Diseases and pests of fruit trees
diseases and pests of fruit Trees: insects on citrus trees

The winter moth damages the leaves and ovaries, entangling them with silk flowers. Karbofos will deal with this pest.

Summing up, we can say that the fight against diseases and pests of fruit Trees / crops requires care and timeliness. If the foci of the disease or the presence of an insect are detected in time, then it will not be difficult to preserve both the plant itself and the harvest. Preventive measures (thinning and fertilising the soil, feeding trees, whitening trunks ) will help to avoid many of the troubles associated with garden pests.

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