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Most Humane Ways To Get Rid of Mice And Rats!

by Editorial Staff

Many of us know from our own experience that mice and rats in the house are a real disaster. And then I thought: the topic (Get Rid of Mice and rats) is topical, especially in late autumn, when rodents from fields and forests flock to human habitation, looking for a warm and well-fed wintering place.

Everyone is at risk – both owners of their own houses in rural areas and residents of urban high-rise buildings. Therefore you need to know how to keep rats away from your house?

Mice and Rats In The House Are a Real Disaster.

Mice and rats will not come with empty paws: the most dangerous thing mice and will bring is the threat of infection. Leptospirosis, plague, rabies … Unpleasant? And that’s not all! How do you like scabies mites or wild rodent helminths? Do you think it is difficult to get infected? You are wrong! It’s easy even for adults, not to mention children.

Rodents constantly grow incisors, and they need to grind them down, so they gnaw everything they have to: wood, concrete, drywall, foam, plastic, electrical wires and cables … I don’t even mention food and the harvested harvest in the bins.

In general, if rodents appear in the home, get ready for a serious war. And the sooner you get rid of mice and rats, the better!

If Rodents Appear In The House, Prepare For A Serious War

Small digression. Fighting / get rid of mice and rats in the house is carried out in many ways. It’s no secret that animal defenders react extremely negatively to the very possibility of the destruction of any living creature.

For them, I explain: this article is not a guide to the destruction of mice and rats in their natural habitat. These are measures for the forced protection of home and families from mice and rats.

Personally, I have nothing against rats and mice, but only if they are not in my home. I don’t go to their holes, do I? So let them not come to my house either and i want to keep rats away from my room! At this point, excuse me, I will choose the lesser of two evils and will find ways to keep rats out of house.

How To Get Rid of Mice and rats?

Everything, the preface is over, let’s move on to practical advice to deal with a rat in the house. I’ll say right away: I didn’t take them from the Internet, I went to my friends and neighbors, I asked i have rat in the house what should i do? how to get the mice out of the house? so here is information, to get rid of mice and rats, tested in practice.

Sounds And Smells In Rodent Control

Use of Sounds To Get Rid of Mice and Rats

Let’s start with “light artillery” – scare away. Rodents are afraid of loud sounds, smells and tastes unpleasant to them. From personal experience: in a city apartment, a mouse from under the floor tried to gnaw through wooden boards.

get rid of mice and rats
Mice gnaw almost everything
  • The weapon of defense is a slipper. During the selfless gnawing of wood, the cotton sole of the slipper on the floor invariably put her to flight. It would be possible to bang something more weighty, but there are children in the house, and the mouse preferred to gnaw at night … True, 3-4 nights I was on my guard: as soon as I heard that it was gnawing, I sneak up right behind the slippers (be sure to sneak very sensitive ear!), and hit the floor with a slipper! Silence for 4-5 hours is guaranteed. For several nights I did not get enough sleep, but the mouse was gone! I don’t know, maybe I came across a shy mice, but that’s exactly what happened and i get rats off my property.
get rid of mice and rats
Loud sounds – excellent means to get rid of mice and rats
  • Friends have installed an old music center in the cellar. Turned on at full power 3-4 times a day for 10 minutes. In 2 days, the rodents were gone! A neighbor had an old washing machine in the barn. She put a metal bowl with spoons and forks on it and turned on the spin. He assures that after the third session of sound therapy, the mice fled – every single one. Indeed, there is no mouse smell in her barn, the harvest lies safe and sound. Loud sounds are an excellent remedy to get rid of mice and rats in the house!

Use of Smells To Get Rid of Mice and rats

Everything about sound effects is no more proven experience, so I turn to smells to get rid of rats in the house.

  • Oil of Peppermint… By this means they escaped from mice in the Great Patriotic War, only then they used the plant itself. Take a rag, generously pour peppermint oil on it (sold in pharmacies), push the rag deeper into the hole. If the smell is unpleasant to you, brick the entrance with polyurethane foam, cement mortar, alabaster. Rodents are leaving, checked!
  • My friend had a bottle of Krasnaya Moskva perfume produced in 1975 – she used them instead of oil, the rodents also fled! There is a positive experience this year in scaring away rodents with elderberry.
  • Plants to keep field rats away: The neighbors have uprooted a huge old elderberry bush. Branches and roots were chopped up and spread all over the floor, boxes, shelves in the basement, where the harvested agricultural products are stored (using elderberry, remember that all its parts are poisonous, you should not put them directly on food). We were convinced: the fight against rodents in the house with the help of an elderberry plants is one of the simplest and most reliable options.
get rid of mice and rats
Use black, red, or herbal elderberry plants to get rid of mice and rats

Let’s Catch Mice and Rats

Part two – catching a rat and mice. We will not talk about cats, dogs, ferrets, weasels and other animals that hunt mice: everyone knows about them, and if desired, everyone can acquire any of the listed pets.

How To Catch Mice in Humane Ways to deal with a rat in the house?

Now I will tell you how to catch a mice without causing it the slightest harm, without much hassle and material costs. I have been using this method for more than one year, it has proven itself to be excellent for catching mice anywhere, including in a car. Follow These steps to deal with a mice in the house, Prepare a homemade mice trap,

  • Take a glass bottle, 0.5 or 0.7 liters, pour a little sunflower oil (2-3 tablespoons) inside.
  • Cover the neck with your finger or a napkin and shake the bottle like a shaker to oil its entire inside.
  • You need oil from the market, or rather from the oil mill – it is fragrant so that a mouse can smell it a mile away.
  • To be sure, you can throw bait into the bottle: a piece of bacon, sunflower seeds, cheese, sausage – whatever you want.
  • I never throw anything, I fish with butter! Better yet, take a beer bottle and don’t wash it!
  • Mice love the smell of beer, (I don’t know why) Place the bottle at an angle, arrange a small step at the neck, put improvised stoppers on the sides. Everything.
get rid of mice and rats
Homemade trap to deal with a mice in the house

If you have mice in your house, in the morning they will definitely be there in the bottle. Let not all at once, but they will definitely be caught! They will not be able to get out, they will slide on the oiled glass surface, it has been checked repeatedly! Having tried this method in practice, you will never want to use poisons, glue or mousetraps!

The homemade bottle mousetrap does not harm the environment, it gives you the opportunity to sleep peacefully until the morning, without jumping up after the next pop of an ordinary trap, you protect your nervous system from the terrible pictures of victims of poison, glue, mousetraps (and you will have to clean up dead rodents!).

Try a mice bottle-trap to catch mice, this is a reliable protection against mice in the country, you will remember my advice with a kind word more than once, believe me!

How To Catch Rats in Humane Ways?

So, everything is clear with the mice, let’s move on to get rid of rats your house. The rat is an incredibly intelligent, cunning, cautious animal. If it was not possible to scare them away with loud sounds and unpleasant smells, you will have to go to extreme measures, because a rat will not crawl into an ordinary bottle.

However, if you have a large glass bottle, it’s worth a try! I just don’t have such a bottle, so I can’t say anything about whether this method will work with a rat.

get rid of mice and rats
The rat is an amazingly smart, cunning, cautious animal

In our village, many keep pets, and their presence to deal with a rat in the house and keep rats away outside, like the place where food is stored, attracts rats like a magnet. In search of reliable information, I went around all my acquaintances, neighbors, friends. Unfortunately, no one suggested a humane method of catching rats.

I chose two – the least terrible method to get rid of rats compared to the others, but 100% effective. For the first, you will need a piece of a rat carcass. Ask the owner of the rat catcher for her. Cats hunting rats never eat their whole prey, some are brought to the doorstep, like a trophy. Put this trophy on a shovel, pour it over with alcohol (not gasoline, not kerosene – only alcohol!) And set it on fire. Walk with the shovel all over the territory that the rats are encroaching on. From that moment on, at least a year they will not be there, not one!

I sincerely hope that mice and rats will bypass your home, and the tips in this article, to get rid of mice and rats, will never come in handy! But if the rodents come, you know what to do?

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