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How To build Home garden on the balcony

by Editorial Staff
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In the bustle of the city, we often do not have enough time and space for solitude with nature, despite the fact that even a short stay among the greenery and flowers can minimize stress and lift our spirits. Therefore, now it is becoming more and more popular to organize a balcony home garden, And its most convenient location in an apartment is, of course, home garden on the balcony.

In this article i will tell you about different balcony garden ideas, best plants for balcony, balcony herb garden, veranda gardening etc

balcony garden ideas: Preparing a balcony for a home garden

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Before you start planting plants on your balcony, you need to prepare a space that is comfortable for both humans and green pets. Naturally, if your balcony has until now been used as a warehouse for unnecessary things, you need to start with cleaning. Plan where and how you want to arrange boxes and flowerpots for plants, and where to arrange a seating area.

The next step for balcony garden ideas is glazing and insulation of the balcony. This is the most important point on the path to creating your own home modern balcony garden, greenhouse. Here it is important not to save money and choose multi-chamber double-glazed windows for terrace garden, because you need to maintain a sufficient thermal regime all year round in form of balcony plants. Also make sure the windows are large and have plenty of light.

home garden on the balcony, balcony garden ideas, best plants for balcony, balcony plants, terrace garden ideas, apartment balcony garden.

Balcony insulation can be divided into several stages:

  • Sealing cracks, seams and cracks.
  • Insulation of walls, floors and ceilings with insulating material. Waterproofing.
  • Sheathing of walls, ceilings, floors with decorative materials (natural materials are best suited – wood, tile, stone, metal).
  • Selection and installation of a heating system (electric underfloor heating, heating radiators or electric ceiling heater).

How Much Space is required for balcony garden?

The larger the space of your balcony, the more you can place various balcony plants and even small balcony garden web. In some apartments, when arranging a place for a home garden on the balcony or apartment patio garden, it is possible to expand the loggia by connecting to the living room. Such manipulations must be coordinated with the BTI. If this option is available to you, then you can enjoy such a terrace garden all year round, even when a blizzard is raging outside the window. On the other hand, experts say that in order to create a microclimate that is comfortable for terrace plants life, it is better to arrange the balcony garden in a separate room, in our case, on the balcony.

In order for balcony plants to feel great in short daylight conditions, you need to consider additional lighting sources. To do this, take care of conducting electricity to the balcony.

How to set up home garden on the balcony: balcony garden design

home garden on the balcony, balcony garden ideas, best plants for balcony, balcony plants, terrace garden ideas, apartment balcony garden.

So, the splendor of the greenery and the regularity of the flowering of your home garden on the balcony depend on the lighting. First, let’s determine which side of the world the balcony faces:

  1. On the southern side, the balcony plants will receive maximum sunlight, so you need to turn on additional sources only during a short winter day.
  2. On the north side, on sunny days, the light will be more diffused, and on cloudy days, you will definitely need backlighting with lamps.
  3. In the east, good illumination will be only in the first half of the day.
  4. And in the west, illumination will most likely be needed before lunch.

Today there is a huge selection of energy-saving lighting systems: fluorescent lamps, halogen and LED lamps.

The location of the additional lighting system depends on how you plan to place the balcony plants in your home garden on the balcony. It must be remembered that terrace flowers and balcony plants should form a beautiful composition, and their arrangement should not interfere with the passage, the opening of doors and window frames. If you plan to place a recreation area on the balcony, start with it, and place the balcony plants on the remaining territory. This will create a cozy green corner to have a cup of tea or sit with a book as show in following picture.

home garden on the balcony, balcony garden ideas, best plants for balcony, balcony plants, terrace garden ideas, apartment balcony garden.
Home Garden on the Balcony and sitting arrangements: balcony garden ideas

It is most convenient to sketch the location of the plants on paper. Even if you don’t know how to draw, a sketchy plan will help you choose the best option for balcony garden ideas. Remember that larger, spreading plants should not obstruct the lighting of smaller ones. Therefore, the most successful placement is multi-level:

balcony garden design ideas for using best plants for balcony

  • Household palms, dwarf trees and other large balcony plants are best placed on the floor in large planters.
  • If the width of the window sill allows, then it is better to put on it either low plants in separate pots, or ampoules hanging in a common long box. You can make your home garden on the balcony not only beautiful, but also useful, and balcony plants herbs in pots, for example, basil or parsley.
  • Racks and shelves are great for small plants. Also, here you can beautifully arrange balcony garden tools, a beautiful watering can, and other decorative elements.
  • Wall-mounted planters are very space-saving. If you plant ampelous plants here, you can grow a whole living wall.
  • In many cases it is convenient to use hanging balcony boxes. In summer, they can be hung from the outside, to the street, decorating the facade of your house.

What balcony flowers to grow on the terrace garden? – best plants for balcony

home garden on the balcony, balcony garden ideas, best plants for balcony, balcony plants, terrace garden ideas, apartment balcony garden.

In winter, the home terrace garden on the balcony is most often decorated with indoor balcony plants that came to us from the tropics and subtropics. These are ficuses, palms (coconut, patching, washingtonia), dracaena, dieffenbachia, monstera, etc.

They do not give color, but delight with a riot of greenery. Orchids, begonias, violets, hippeastrum, geraniums, etc. will help to add colors. Succulents feel great in the winter balcony garden. Gardeners are very fond of them for their endurance and unpretentiousness.

Balcony garden ideas: What are best plants for balcony, Home garden on the balcony?

With the first rays of the spring sun, you can grow annual and perennial flowering plants on the balcony. It is best to choose those best plants for balcony, that bloom for a long time, from May to September. The most popular balcony garden plants are:

  • Petunia. They are grown independently from seeds, or buy ready-made seedlings. They are distinguished by lush flowering and a variety of species.
  • Marigolds are unpretentious, but very beautiful and long-flowering plants. They always have good germination, and in general this is a win-win option.
  • Purslane. It has fleshy lush greens and pleasant bright flowers.
  • Geranium with its flower hats leaves no one indifferent. It is a perennial plant that blooms profusely in summer and spring.
  • Curly morning glory and nasturtium. They will make a whole blooming curtain on your balcony.
  • Primula is a perennial, primrose.
  • Begonia with its lush flowers will delight the whole season.

The choice of plants for growing on the balcony is huge. By creating the necessary conditions for them and providing proper care, you will receive a year-round green corner in which you will rest and replenish your strength. Surrounding yourself with this beauty, you will not regret the effort and money spent for a second. This will be your personal piece of summer!

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