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How to easily choose a laminate for your interior?

by Editorial Staff

Do you want to choose a laminate that will harmoniously fit into the design of the room? In the article we will consider the different types of best laminate, how to do laminate flooring? how to select wallpapers matching with laminate flooring? and tell you in which interiors they will look especially advantageous.

How to choose Laminate colors?

It’s easy to get lost in the variety of laminate colors. To understand how to choose a best laminate for an apartment or house, use the rule of three colors. In a harmonious interior, 60% of the space is decided in one – most often neutral – color, 30% is allocated to an additional – more active – color, and the remaining 10% – to bright accents. Laminate should be either primary or secondary color. If the walls in the room are painted in restrained colors, the floor can be more saturated – and vice versa. You also read here about What colors to paint the walls? 5 Tips!.

Do not combine cold and warm colors: let the shades support each other and form a holistic image of the space in a single color temperature.

1. Dark Oak laminate Flooring or in the interior

Dark Oak laminate Flooring, chestnut or wenge is the choice for the truly daring. Dark Oak laminate Flooring can look very impressive, but for this you need to strike a balance between the color dominant of the floor and other finishing elements.

  • Dark Oak laminate Flooring will make the interior more respectable.
  • Dark Oak laminate Flooring is Ideal for space zoning: the transition between zones can be marked not only with lighting and partitions, but also with contrasting floor coverings.

Advice for Dark Oak laminate Flooring

  • Suitable only for spacious rooms, as it makes the lower part of the room heavier.
  • Requires an environment that draws some of the attention to itself, balances the visually heavy floor and shades the material. This laminate flooring is combined with pastel walls and generally looks better in bright rooms.

2. Light laminate Flooring in the interior

White flooring laminate from ash, birch, light alder or bleached oak is a more versatile solution that will fit into most interiors.

  • Visually expands the space, makes it “lighter”, therefore it is suitable for finishing small rooms / apartments.
  • light laminate flooring / white flooring laminate Can serve as a neutral background for expressive design elements. If you are looking for bright furniture or wallpaper with intricate patterns, shade them with light laminate.

Advice for light laminate flooring

To prevent the interior with a light laminate from looking monotonous, complement the furnishings with mustard, olive, blue or light blue items.

How is wallpaper selected for laminate flooring?

How to choose a laminate for your interior?
choose a laminate for your interior
  • White flooring laminate or very light floor. For such a laminate wood flooring, it is better to choose wallpaper three tones darker: so the floor and walls will not merge, and the interior will not look like a hospital room.
  • Gray laminate flooring. Gray laminate flooring can be combined with any color. The main thing is that they differ in tone (be lighter or darker) and be in one part of the color wheel (among warm or cold shades). If you want to decorate the room entirely in gray, choose wallpaper that differ not only in tone, but also in texture.
  • Yellow floor in natural tones. Another option with which you should not be afraid to experiment. Both neutral wallpapers and a brighter finish are suitable for a covering that imitates golden laminate wood flooring. It is only necessary to maintain the color palette in the warm spectrum.
  • Brown laminate wood flooring. In this case of laminate wood flooring, yellow, greenish or cream wallpapers will be appropriate. Don’t be afraid to add color: it can be bright color accents – for example, paintings or murals.
  • Red laminate flooring. Yellow, green or brown shades are well combined with such a laminate flooring, setting the “autumn” mood of the interior. Also, blue walls look good with a deep red laminate.
  • Dark laminate flooring or black floor. Opt for light colored wallpaper to balance the color of the dark laminate flooring. However, boiling white walls will make the interior too contrasting, which does not always look good. Pastel shades look more noble in combination with dark laminates.

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How to choose a best wood laminate for your doors?

  • Color to color. This option is suitable for a hallway or other small spaces. We recommend choosing laminate and doors not only by color, but also by texture.
  • Opposite colors. A good solution for “energetic”, contrastingly decorated interiors. Play with contrast in other design elements to blend in with your surroundings.
  • Matching colors. This color composition is universal. You can’t go wrong if you get a door and laminate that differ by several tones.

How to choose a skirting board for your laminate?

The baseboard should be chosen according to the same principles.

  • In small rooms that need to be visually expanded, you can lay a skirting board that matches the tone of the laminate.
  • In spacious rooms, it is permissible to play on contrast and use a baseboard that resonates in color with the laminate.
  • In most rooms with any laminate, elements that are several shades darker or lighter than the flooring look good.

How to choose the style of laminate flooring or laminate floor installation?

How to choose a laminate for your interior?
choose a laminate for your interior

1. Classic style of laminate floor installation

Laminate imitating the texture of wood is an appropriate solution for interiors in a classic style. This is the most natural imitation of wood, which is especially important for classic interiors: they prefer natural materials. There are other advantages of matte laminate:

  • It does not slip, therefore it is safer to use.
  • Unlike glossy, dirt and traces of bare feet are not so noticeable on it. Cleaning can be done less frequently
  • The same goes for minor damages: small scratches on the matte surface are less conspicuous.


  • Classic design usually means light walls and floors: solid wood furniture looks best against such a background. Choose a laminate wood that repeats the shades of oak, maple, ash, birch.
  • Discreet finishes in light colors are also suitable for other modern styles: for example, Scandinavian or contemporary.

2. Country style of laminate installation

Textured finish is a kind of laminate wood installation for aesthetes who are attracted by the charm of antiquity. Wood Laminate with a texture that follows the surface of brushed wood. Brushing is the treatment of wood with a stiff brush that selects soft fibers. As a result, a surface with a noticeable tree ring structure looks more expressive.

In addition to its unusual look, textured laminate has the same advantages as matte:

  • It is less slippery.
  • Doesn’t require frequent cleaning and restoration.


The artificially aged laminate with a deliberately rough texture will also complement the interiors in the spirit of boho or loft.

How to choose a laminate for your interior?
choose a laminate for your interior

3. Hi-tech style of laminate installation

Glossy laminate is a worthy choice if you decide to decorate your interior with best laminate installation in high-tech style. This laminate flooring is worth looking at for two reasons.

Firstly, glittering surfaces are integral elements of technological design. Secondly, although natural materials are not frequent guests in high-tech interiors, wood-like coating can be an uncommon solution. This touch will soften the cold severity of the technological style, which often seems too lifeless.

Glossy laminate has additional benefits:

  • The surface in which walls and objects are reflected visually enlarges the space.
  • The smooth laminate has no grooves in which dust accumulates. Wipe it down more often, but it takes less time than washing a textured finish.


  • Do you want to visually expand a small room? Choose a glossy laminate in light colors for a double effect.
  • A glossy floor is appropriate in interiors that are not overloaded with details (minimalism, Japanese style, and others).

4. Loft or minimalism style of laminate installation

“Attic style”, as the loft is also called, and minimalism, gravitating towards textured surfaces, perfectly complement the laminate under the concrete or under the stone.

  • Allows you to experiment with design without risking anything: laminate is one of the most stable and easy to maintain coatings.
  • Simulates rough surfaces, but at the same time is pleasant to the touch. This is especially important for living spaces. Agree, it is better to feel laminate underfoot than cold concrete.


The concrete floor looks surprisingly good in other styles as well: for example, Empire or chalet.

5. Oriental style of laminate installation

Laminate installation with an ornament will successfully fit into an interior decorated in an oriental spirit. It is suitable for rooms in which you do not want to lay the traditional coverings for this style – ceramic tiles or carpet.

  • Laminate is warmer and more durable than tiles, therefore it is more suitable for living rooms.
  • It is much easier to care for it than for a carpet. If the laminate flooring seems cold, you can install a warm floor under it.
  • At the same time, modern laminate is not inferior to tiles and carpets in variety. Finding a cover with geometric patterns, floral motifs or mosaic graphics is easy.


  • If you decide to lay a variegated laminate, make sure that the walls, furniture and curtains are either plain or with a muted, unobtrusive ornament. Do not overuse active accents.
  • Choose the size of the ornament for the area of ​​the room: the smaller it is, the smaller the pattern should be.

Finally Decision

Decide what style you like and build on your ideas about the ideal interior. In addition to aesthetic preferences, pay attention to the performance properties of the coating: thickness, wear resistance class, degree of resistance to water, type of joints. Remember that laminate flooring should not be installed in damp areas such as bathrooms or hallways.

Otherwise, you are free to choose! The range of laminate flooring is so great that it is not difficult to choose an option suitable for decorating a room.

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