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How To Choose Best Website Builder Professionals?

Best website builder professionals

Date: 12.01.2023

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The motivations of having a website are multiple in addition to being essential for each company: Presentation of its company with a showcase site, online sale of its products, seo on search engines, professionalize its image, improve its notoriety… So many reasons that can push you to want a website.

However, when choosing the Website Builder professionals to build your website, you don’t necessarily know who to turn to. Indeed, there are different types of Website builder professionals to create your site.

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Who to choose for the creation of a website?

There are different Website Builder professionals in the field of the internet and therefore in site creation. However, each professional has their own characteristics and not all of them offer the same level of quality:

A communication agency

Basically, a communication agency specialized in print communication (press, business card, flyers, etc.) or radio. However, with the advent of the web and the major challenges it now represents, communication agencies have broadened their area of ​​expertise to extend to website creation.

These agencies offer web services that most of them do not understand. With an offer that is too scattered, they do not guarantee you the reliability of the web services that they are supposed to provide.

Some have become web agencies, often wrongly because not all of them necessarily have the skills required for the success of a website.

These agencies only exist commercially and only work by creating standard sites often from the same barely personalized template, which cannot be adapted to large-scale projects requiring a strong need in terms of functionalities and customizations, far from the notion of tailor-made sites.

option for creating a website, choosing Website Builder professionals
choosing Website Builder professionals

Our simple advice:
Do not entrust the creation of your website to a company which is not the main activity!

A freelance

A freelancer is actually a self-employed person, whether he is a micro-entrepreneur, sole proprietorship or a company. It can offer a range, more or less important, of skills: developer, webmaster, web designer, etc. but not all freelancers are versatile.

On the other hand, they are often specialized in a discipline and because of their status, they are flexible and adapt easily. But even if the use of a freelancer is less expensive than an agency, he does not systematically master all the skills necessary for the realization of a complete site, and the deadlines for carrying out the work can be greatly extended.

The use of a freelancer can present many uncertainties as to the ability to take charge of certain projects, especially since you have no guarantee on the level of services provided.

A Digital Services Company (ESN)

Digital service companies, formerly SSII, can organicly offer website creation in their range of services. Competent in the fields of IT, they enjoy their discipline to negotiate site creation projects without however offering complete expertise.

However, while maintenance, hosting, project management and development are part of their DNA, they often overlook other equally important and often overlooked elements in site design such as computer graphics. and design, and more broadly, web marketing including website SEO, SEO optimized content writing and communication.

A web agency

A web agency is a structure that masters all the skills from the web professions and therefore necessary for the development of a website: site design, website seo, social networks, digital marketing, even mobile application etc. They are therefore clearly indicated for any digital communication project of which the creation of a website is part.

We are not talking here of communication agencies that have broadened their skills to the web, but of pure web agencies, those that have really specialized in the internet in order to meet an ever increasing demand in terms of digital communication.

Who to choose for the creation of a website? choosing Website Builder professionals
choosing Website Builder professionals

The criteria to help you choose your Website Builder professionals

To help you better select the service provider in charge of your future website, here are some criteria to take into account:

  • The response time to your request:
    The first important criterion is undoubtedly the time taken by the service provider to respond to your request. If the response time is short enough, that is to say less than 48 hours, the Website Builder professional is interested. Long processing times often mean poor organization.
  • The estimate:
    The price of a website varies a lot depending on the needs and objectives, the type of site, the additions … In terms of price, you can find everything, but everything is not synonymous with quality.
    In any case, a price that is too low should alert you: because a standard site for less than € 1,500 will certainly not look like a professional site. Beware of abuse, however, and prohibitive prices.
    Also make sure that the services are sufficiently detailed to identify the different stages of creation of the site, the features offered, the maintenance planned to cope with future evolutions, the production deadlines, the guarantees … Optionally, a model can be provided.
  • The speech:
    Difficult to sort through all the speeches you may hear. It’s also a matter of feeling. However, remember the seriousness and realism that should help you make up your mind. Excessive sales pitch that sells you dreams is a bad sign. For example, there is no miracle recipe to ensure a website visible in the top 3 search engines, only analysis, in-depth work, and daily monitoring will improve your visibility on the internet, at price of rigorous and regular work.
  • Experience:
    Ask for references from the provider. This is generally a good indicator of the experience of the requested company and will also allow you to assess its level of competence.
    Some agencies deny having a large number of customers but their operation would be more akin to a gas plant than to tailor-made creation, surely prioritizing quantity over quality, which obviously rarely goes hand in hand with a well designed site in every way.

To help you choose the right service provider, whether for site creation or redesign, be curious, and do not hesitate to ask questions to find out if the latter is able to meet all your expectations. Discuss some technical subjects that will allow you to know the quality of the service provider: responsive site, SEO, site administration panel, functionalities and types of sites produced.

What about website building software and applications?

In recent years, there has been an emergence of sites and applications that also allow you to create your own site. Often used for budget reasons, these sites will not allow you to respect the few fundamentals of site creation:

  • On the form:
    The content and the texts that you will write will rarely be complete, relevant and ultimately optimized for organic seo.
  • On the merits:
    The way in which the site is technically designed is often not the best, based on a template overloaded with multiple calls to external resources, useless and often poorly adapted to the needs.

Our opinion:
You will certainly think that you have a correct site because you like it and you were just looking for an inexpensive, unpretentious showcase site to present the activity of your company.

But you have to ask yourself a few questions: Does my site render a professional image? Do my clients see it as such? Does it really meet my goals?
Most of the sites made with software or online applications do not convey a professional image and will not be of interest.

Creating a website is a profession.
As we like to say: It is not because we have succeeded in installing tiles in a bathroom that we are good tilers!Design your website with web experts

Choose a web agency / Website Builder professionals for website creation

Entrusting the creation of its website to a web company such as a web agency is undoubtedly a relevant choice as long as it is responsive and at your disposal to meet all your needs by offering you the most suitable solutions and tailor-made.

It will guarantee you quality services, for a tailor-made site where every aspect of its realization has been scrupulously cared for. Website design is based on a perfect mastery and complementarity of the skills necessary for its proper execution: web programmer, SEO, web designer, copywriter…

By definition, a web agency brings together all the skills within it to carry out your site creation projects.

In addition, it is the only one to offer you additional solutions often necessary for the good health of a website: consulting, webmarketing, web maintenance, SEO audit, organic and paid seo.

Now that you have all of these, make the right choice!


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