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How to create content that generate shares?

create content that generate shares

Date: 03.20.2023

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To be visible on social networks, brands must be able to create web content that is both engaging and original also generate shares, which will be shared by as many people as possible. But faced with the millions of publications posted every day, how do you stand out from the crowd? What are the formats popular with Internet users? Discover our ideas for the content that generate the most shares to promote your business blog on social networks.

create content that generate shares
create content that generate shares

10 types of content that attracts sharing on the internet and social networks

1) Video content highly appreciated by users

According to SEMRush, video content generates 1,200% more shares than text, image and photo posts combined. As much to say that it is the web content to exploit, if you seek to generate a maximum of reactions on the social networks.

create content that generate shares

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok, think about a way to promote your blog on social media. Take inspiration from what already works and favor fairly short and powerful formats, which will combine news, storytelling, humor and originality…

2) Bet on visual content with image or photo

Visual content attracts sharing, it is known and recognized. Generally, a simple post accompanied by a well-chosen image elicits on average 50% more implications. And this is valid, regardless of the social network used.

You should know that nearly 75% of people retain a visual message perfectly, while they have difficulty fully assimilating a textual message. So to promote sharing, take care of your images and illustrations to create posts that are both engaging and graphic.

3) TOPs and lists

If Topito has made it his trademark, it is not for nothing. Tops, lists and rankings are among the web content that generates the most engagement from Internet users, especially on social platforms.

Writing a list-type article has 2 advantages:

  • First of all, it allows the information to be condensed as much as possible and it encourages readers to come and visit your website.
  • Then, this type of article can be declined to infinity and in all fields: “5 essential tools to create an Instagram publication”, “10 tips for organizing your working day”, “The 15 most beautiful beaches in the world “, …

4) think about infographics to generate shares

Historically, infographics have stimulated engagement and the sharing of publications on different social platforms.

This format, popular with marketers, has two big advantages:

  • It allows to offer very engaging visual content.
  • Computer graphics make it possible to convey information in an educational and fun way.

Coupled with the power of GIF, infographics become gifographies that can turn into a terrifically effective message. By diverting your communication and your advertising in a humorous way, you will attract reactions and shares.

5) Instagram stories that generate engagement

Right now, if you’re looking to communicate your brand or business effectively through social media, you can’t overlook the power of Instagram Stories. It’s very simple, almost everyone watches at least one story a day. And the reactions are always very numerous…

create content that generate shares

This format, which is very popular among 20-35 year olds, has the advantage of offering many creative and interactive options, which will organicly stimulate relays and get people talking about your brand. 

Take inspiration from the experience of Louis Vuitton, Airbnb or Maybelline to stand out!

Newsjacking is a tried and tested format that works every time. By surfing on current news, you increase your chances of seeing your articles and web content shared by your community.

Now it’s up to you to think about how to integrate the latest trends into your SEO content marketing strategy. For example, you can cover hot news, surf seasonal news or talk about the latest news in your industry.

7) Publish “How to…?”

One of the most popular articles on corporate blogs is “How To” posts. These allow you to easily provide practical and concrete information to your customers or readers. “How to make your 100% organic shampoo?”,”How to develop sales on the internet? “,”How to optimize a blog post? », You can let your imagination run wild.

The great thing about this type of highly engaging content is that it also helps boost your site’s visibility on Google. Indeed, a lot of Internet users use queries such as “how to”, “how to create”, “how to become” to seek answers to their questions on the web.

This type of publication is particularly useful on online sales sites. Indeed, one of the problems of e-merchants was to attract the public to their product sheets. By creating articles as a tutorial, they can easily create links to their product sheets.

8) How about a meme?

The same is the big trend of the moment on social platforms. This type of web content has a very strong potential for sharing! Indeed, most Internet users are looking for humorous content to pass on to their friends. So as a brand or digital company, you might as well understand the phenomenon.

Get inspired by what is already being done on the internet, draw your inspiration from pop culture, bounce back from the news. Right now, for example, memes about pangolins, toilet paper or confinement are causing a stir. It’s up to you to find the right dose of humor to reveal your brand in a different light …

9) write long-form articles with pictures

Several studies tend to show that the most shared articles on social networks are often the longest. Thus, it now seems important to abandon the snack content in favor of the long form. Indeed, length and quantity are often synonymous with quality for readers.

create content that generate shares
long-form articles with pictures generate shares

We therefore recommend that you write as a priority articles of 1600 words minimum and 2500 words on average, always enriched with visuals, illustrations or photos. One of the tips for keeping readers reading further is to write a compelling introduction to their web article. And of course, don’t forget to write quality and perfectly documented content. Your keyboards !

10) arouse emotion and tell stories

It’s not new, but emotion is a powerful lever in your digital marketing strategy. Knowing how to use storytelling allows you to humanize your brand or company, in order to generate trust and commitment.

Learn how to tell stories and design dreamy web content, offering more than just promotion for a product or service. Also apply the main principles of SEM, SEO, SEA, SMO, SMA, SXO, CRO so that your content is found and appreciated by Internet users. Now it’s up to you to develop your creativity, by seeking to understand the expectations and desires of your customers.


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