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How to promote your blog on social network 2021?

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Date: 03.19.2023

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I am a blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of UpKeen. I am a freelance writer and lover of all things tech, crafting and general geekery. i am currently living in New York, United States.

The social network is now a vital communication channel for companies and brands. It has even become one of the best ways to market your professional blog. But communicating via social media does not improvise me, you will have to put in place a strategy adapted to each platform. Discover our tips to help you promote your blog on social networks and thus gain visibility and notoriety.

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Why use social networks to promote your blog?

Today more than ever, blog and social networks are inseparable and complementary. These have become essential in your marketing strategy. Notoriety, traffic, knowledge of your audience, find out why you should use social networks to promote your blog.

promote your blog on social network 2021

Increase your notoriety on the web at a lower cost

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or Pinterest can become a great showcase for your business. Promoting your blog via social platforms allows you to make yourself known to Internet users, while taking care of your brand image. Of course, on condition that you publish in the right place, at the right time and to the right target.

Thanks to social networks, you can easily gain visibility with a much lower budget than on traditional advertising spaces. Indeed, social media are places of expression and free promotion (at least in part) unlike advertising on Google or traditional advertising (display advertising, radio, television, magazines, etc.). They can easily help you improve your reputation by sharing your expertise.

Get closer to your audience and start a conversation

Communicating on your blog or brand via social networks allows you to get closer to your customers, readers or community. By engaging in conversation with your subscribers, you will be able to learn more about their habits, needs and expectations.

You will be able to test different actions and publications and analyze which ones work and which do not. You will be able to refine the editorial line of your blog so that it answers the questions and the expectations of Internet users. Finally, you will forge a special relationship with your subscribers who can eventually become your best ambassadors and talk about you around them …

Increase blog traffic

According to the latest figures published, 4.3 billion people use social networks worldwide. And these are all potential readers for your blog. Social networks can thus become an incredible lever to develop your national and international audience.

Combined with a good content and SEO strategy, using social media can help find new prospects and build an engaged community. Indeed, the commenting and sharing system offered by most social platforms allows you to spread your message to as many people as possible. Thus, creating content with a high engagement rate and likely to become viral is one of the marketing levers to be explored on social networks …

When to post on social media?

Social networks have become the new platforms for communicating and transmitting your company’s messages. They attract a large number of people on a daily basis. However, all businesses have devised social media strategies to highlight their offer. So you need to have a relevant approach to post on social media in the right place at the right time. They are also a great medium for promoting your corporate blog posts .

  • How do you know when to publish?
  • What are the best times to be visible on social networks?

Take into account the time zone when posting on social networks

Time zones for posting on social network
Time zones for posting on social network

Before thinking about your strategy for posting on social media, the first thing to consider is the time zone.

Depending on your target and your audience, adapt the hours. If you want to reach an international target, you must think about the most relevant times for your communication. For example, if your business is selling internationally, one of your customers might stand up when a prospect halfway around the world folds. Take these different factors into account to reach as many prospects as possible.

However, take care of duplicate content and avoid copying and pasting your messages. To remedy this situation, space your posts over 4 time slots and change the look and turn of your sentences.

Also, the trick is to think of a continent and not a country. This approach facilitates the implementation of a relevant strategy:

  • For the Americas, be strategic and aim for the East Coast time zone. This brings together New York and Toronto. This increases your chances of being seen by as many people as possible.
  • For Europe, set your strategy on the CET (Central European Time) or UTC + 1 time zone.
  • If you want to touch Asia, the ideal time zone is China UTC + 8. The whole country has the same time zone. Your communication therefore has more reach.

If you want to know more about your target and the schedules, analyze the statistics made available to you directly on your accounts.

5 strategies for finding the perfect time for your business

The perfect time to broadcast on social network

Posting is no longer enough to have engagement on social networks. You need to know the best times to increase the impact of your posts and your communication. Be there when your community is online.

Create a persona to post on social networks

Before implementing your communication strategy and in order to know when to post on social networks, analyze your target perfectly. To do this, create the profile of an ideal customer in line with your offer.

This creation must be done on the basis of several questions:

  • What are their favorite platforms?
  • How much time do they spend on the different channels?
  • What method do they communicate with?
  • What is the schedule of your prospects? Do they have a profession related to digital? Do they log into the platforms only during their break and after work?
  • What problems do they encounter on a daily basis?

These different points allow you to choose the relevant communication channels for your business, but also to know where your ideal customers are.

In addition, knowing the problems of Internet users gives you leads to create relevant and quality content. By being present at the right time in the right place, you will attract their attention.

Analyze competitors

Beyond having the same offer as you, your competitors want to reach the same audience as you. To learn more about users, analyze competitor posts. Thanks to competitive intelligence, save time and learn the right lessons.

Take a look at the publication dates, times, style of visuals, photos with the most engagement (comments, likes, shares), etc. Observe all the criteria that you think are relevant and judicious for your business.

Access statistics to understand when to post on social media

After numerous updates, social networks highlight statistical data concerning your account, including the percentage of men and women, the age of your audience, the preferred hours …

But, to go further, strategies and tips exist to find the perfect time for your business:

  • While editing a few things, post the same post at different times and days.
  • For 2/3 weeks, completely change your posting habits by being present much earlier or later. After these changes, analyze your statistics and see if your audience is more present.
  • On Facebook , you have the option of targeting the audience based on the message of your post by selecting “limited audience”. With this option, perform a real A / B test. Choose people according to gender, age, city, country, language or even interests. After making your selection, publish your post twice to two similar targets. The only criterion that varies is the time. You are thus able to compare the behaviors according to the chosen schedule. To go further in this test, you can also do it according to the days to post on social networks at the right time.
  • With Google Analytics, you are able to analyze the traffic you are already getting with social networks. Beyond the statistics obtained on social networks, have more in-depth data at your disposal. Go to the “Acquisition” menu then “Traffic”. By clicking on the “social” line, you can select the platform you want. After filtering based on the information you want to get a table with the network, the day and the number of visits is displayed.

Look at the comments

Comments are a great indicator for understanding when consumers are available to interact with your posts. Indeed, with this measurement, you are able to understand whether prospects have more time at lunch or at the end of the day.

Adapt your approach according to your audience and professions. Some people working in the digital field may be connected and able to comment on posts during the day. This analysis must be done on your accounts, but also on those of your competitors. With these approaches, understand when to post on social media.

Test new approaches

Beyond the analyzes performed, the results vary depending on your audience and your offer. To be in line with the needs of your target, do tests such as early in the morning (between 6 and 7 a.m.) or in the evening (after 10 p.m.). Don’t overlook the 10 a.m., 12 p.m. or 4 p.m. breaks. However, this data depends on the profession of your ideal client.

Moreover, all of these approaches will only bear fruit if you post regularly. Without data, it is impossible to make a relevant analysis of your results. Indeed, they cannot help your strategies if you have two publications per week, or even per month. Use consistency and organization to get the most accurate results possible.

Publish on social networks: the publication hours according to your offer and your target

Post on social media | promote your blog on social network 2021

The strategies for B2B and B2C communication are different. Depending on your target and your audience, adapt your approach and the publication schedules.

Reach a B2B target with your communication

There has been a lot of analysis done to find the best time to post on social media, regardless of your industry.

  • Facebook: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Twitter: Monday or Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is still a peak in attendance between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Instagram: Monday to Friday, noon to 1 p.m. The algorithm places great importance on the recency of posts. The more you give to Instagram bots, the more your business will be featured. However, strike a balance between engagement and user experience. No prospect wants to see 10 photos of your account per day.
  • Linkedin: this social network is ideal for all B2B communications. It is the professional social network par excellence. To give your message the reach you want, post during business hours, including Tuesday and Wednesday. These are the two days with the most engagement on posts. For the other days of the week, prefer posts from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., more precisely at 9.45 a.m., at 10:45 a.m., at 12:45 p.m. and at 5:45 p.m. 

Have a B2C goal

The B2C approach is different than the B2B one. Indeed, to reach this target, you must take into account the consumption habits of Internet users.

  • Facebook: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at noon. If you want to be there on weekends, mail between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. If you still want to publish on Thursday and Friday, choose the time slot between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Twitter: to be visible on this social network, be present at noon or 1 p.m. from Monday to Wednesday. This middle of the week is a highlight on this social network. For all other days of the week, the ideal is 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Instagram: the impact of this network varies depending on the industry. For example, the food sector is more in demand at noon and at dinner time. A real source of inspiration for prospects, take this data into consideration to increase the visibility of your business. Instagram is the most used social network these days. Favor Mondays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., other days between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. or from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. If you want to post on weekends, analyze the habits of your audience. If your offer touches moms, Saturdays and Sundays are probably times they spend with family. So make according to the free time that they can allow themselves as the time of the nap.
  • Linkedin: if you are a company with a B2C approach, you are more likely to reach your target on Monday and Wednesday.

These hours are of course to be adapted to your target, your offer and your sector of activity.

Make a difference with Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent social network for increasing the number of visits to your website and the impact on Internet users . During the week, it is best to post between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. People are looking for more inspiration after eating or during the evening.

However, the ideal is to be present on Saturday and Sunday. These moments of rest are conducive to discovering new content and thinking about projects.

During working hours, people are not active. To post on social media, avoid this time frame. You risk having a low engagement rate.

Take a look at creating videos with YouTube

YouTube videos have a strong impact on engagement , as they arouse the interest of Internet users. Quick and easy to view, it’s a great way to get your message across. To gain visibility thanks to this platform and publish on social networks, publish your video in the early afternoon between noon and 4 p.m. Indeed, Internet users watch this type of content more at the end of the day. But, to be visible at that time, your video must be indexed in the evening.

During the weekend, prefer the publication in the morning around 9/10 a.m. Thursday and Friday are two perfect days for your strategy to be successful. On weekends, the platform receives a large number of visits.

Pique the curiosity of Internet users with Tik Tok

Tik Tok has become an essential social network , especially during confinement. Easy to use, the videos on this social network generate significant engagement.

Users generally log in every day to find out what’s new. However, they take place more in the evening between 8 p.m. and midnight. Take this schedule into account to publish your video content and send your message.

To post on social networks, take into account different criteria including hours and days. In fact, to develop your business, be present in the right place at the right time. Base your social media strategy on the statistics of your accounts to stand out from the competition and meet the desires of Internet users.

The list of the main social networks

Social networks take an important place in the daily life of consumers. Whether you want to take a B2B or B2C approach, these social platforms have many advantages for the development of your business. The creation of a strategy and the distribution of content on social networks can be done on all of these platforms, provided you take into account the habits of your target and your audience.

promote your blog on social network 2021 | list of social networks

35 General social networks: adopting a generalist approach for your business

  1. Facebook: one of the essential social networks; With around 1.60 billion monthly active users, Facebook is by far the most used social network worldwide. It gives you the opportunity to be in contact with your loved ones, but also to highlight your company or your brand. This is possible, in particular thanks to Facebook ads which reach a greater number of people. Facebook generates more than $ 12 billion in revenue each year. This social network is available in all countries. However, some governments have decided to ban its use.
  2. QQ; Chinese social network, QQ is an instant messenger with more than 850 million users. This app is used in over 80 countries. Call, create audios or send messages through QQ. In addition, with QQ Coin, make financial transactions. The difference with other social networks is that it has a built-in translator to adapt the message to the desired language.
  3. QZone; QZone, Every month, this social network has 650 million active users, is a Chinese social network that allows you:
    • To send some pictures
    • Listen to music
    • Write texts for your site
    • Watch videos
    • Access accessories to personalize your online presence
  4. Instagram; is one of the social networks of the moment. Belonging to Facebook, the use of the Instagram social network is based on the sharing of photos and videos. Share the best moments of your daily life with your loved ones using your smartphone. To have an aesthetic rendering, the creators provide filters. Instagram, with roughly 700 million active users, makes it easy to share content on Facebook and Twitter. Recently, also create stories and reels.
  5. Baidu Tieba; Popular under the name Postbar, Baidu Tieba is a social network created by the Chinese Baidu. It is a network of forums linked to the search engine of the same name. Create discussion groups on a specific topic or join existing discussions. Monthly, this network has 300 million active users.
  6. Twitter; Create tweets using Twitter. With a maximum of 280 characters, write short messages that can be shared by all users. Per month, the social network counts 320 million active users. To adapt to the development of online commerce, you also have the opportunity to promote your products and highlight your business.
  7. App.net; This platform has many similarities with Twitter. However, two differences should be highlighted:
    • The application does not contain ads, but it is paid
    • Posted messages can contain up to 256 characters
  8. Tumblr; This blogging platform has been owned by Yahoo since 2013. You can search and publish various content such as text, photos, quotes, links or even videos. Personalize your account to highlight your brand image and promote your products. Every month, 555 million active users are found on this social network.
  9. Snapchat; Chat with your friends on Snapchat using pictures or videos. Plus, get real-time global news. 15 languages ​​are available to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the filters.
  10. Medium; This social network appeals to your creativity and your desire to write. Also access the writings of other Internet users and exchange different opinions.
  11. Whisper; Depending on your mood and your desires, post photos with text on the Whisper social network. Unlike other platforms, communicate anonymously. No geographic limit, interact with Internet users from all over the world.
  12. Sina Weibo; Popular in China, Sina Weibo is a blogging social network that attracts 225 million active users. It’s the perfect mix between Facebook and Twitter.
  13. VK; Also known as VKontakte, it is one of the most used social networks in Russia. Similar to Facebook, 100 million active users enjoy it every month.
  14. Reddit; On this platform, publish the content you want. Visitors have the possibility, after publication, to vote on the quality of the post. Your profile will thus gain or lose places in the general classification. In addition, one of the criteria taken into account is the centers of interest. Posts are shown only to people who might like your content. Every month, Reddit attracts 100 million active users. You can also supercharges your content by using seo pillar content strategy.
  15. FlipBoard; FlipBoard brings together several social networks. It gives Internet users the freedom to choose their favorite feeds on news sites and all networks. Using this approach, create the perfect network based on your interests and preferences. The application is available on all devices: Android, Windows 8, BlackBerry and IOS.
  16. SlideShare; Create and share presentations with SlideShare. With this technique, diversify the shape of your content and reach more people.
  17. YY; Chat in groups thanks to the Chinese social network YY. Supporting over 100,000 connections in the same conversation, it is possible to organize presentations with multiple people. Every month, this network brings together 122 million users. 
  18. Taringa; Popular in Latin America, Taringa makes it possible to share your daily life with the people who follow you. You can highlight photos, videos or even direct. More than 75 million users connect each month.
  19. Tagged; Based on friendship and romantic relationships, Tagged gives you the possibility to talk with other internet users and to organize games or debates. Every month, 25 million enjoy this social network.
  20. MySpace; Based on music, the MySpace social network brings people together around a particular style of music. Also access blogs, profiles, images or videos. For a few years, this network was the most used platform in the United States.
  21. Badoo; To meet people, Badoo is the social network to use. Available in 200 countries, find user profiles close to your location. With around 20 million active users, this platform is very successful in Latin America, Italy, Spain and France.
  22. StumbleUpon Access various web pages, images or videos through the StumbleUpon social network. With its intelligent algorithm, find content likely to please you and suggestions adapted to your centers of interest. 10 million people meet every month on this platform.
  23. OvensQuare; Depending on your geolocation, find all the popular places with the FoursQuare social network. Have a list of restaurants, parties, events… 40 million active users appreciate suggestions every month.
  24. Diaspora; Close to the use of Facebook, the Diaspora social network is distinguished by 3 criteria:
    • Choose the server to store the data
    • Have the desired identity, be free to choose who you want to be
    • Decide who can access your personal information
  25. Ello; Ello offers several options: create an account, subscribe, publish and view the posts of other users. The big difference of this social network compared to other online platforms is the design and the ease of use.
  26. MeetMe; MeetMe is the old myYearbook. Although the name has changed, its primary goal remains the same: to meet new people to create friendships.
  27. Twoo; Targeting young people, the Twoo social network is available in 55 languages. Whatever your location, chat with internet users from all over the world and meet new people.
  28. Meetup; To interact with people who have the same interests as you, the   Meetup social network is for you. The advantage of its use is to be able to participate in groups without internet. Originally created to discuss political issues, the themes of this network have broadened over time.
  29. Skyrock (Skyblog); This French social network available in 6 languages ​​makes it possible to:
    • Create a profile
    • Develop a blog
    • Exchange messages
  30. Delicious; Save and share your favorite internet pages using the Delicious social network. Its use is facilitated by keyword tags.
  31. Kiwibox; Created for young adults and teenage girls, the Kiwibox platform provides targeted tips. Share your skills, your interests, your photos, your daily life …
  32. Movim; The Movim social network is an open source solution. Complete your profile, add your contacts to expand your community and chat. You can do this through documents, photos, videos or even articles.
  33. Mastodon; Created in 2016, the Mastodon social network makes it possible to publish messages which they nickname “pouets”.
  34. Scoop.it!; Imagine your newspaper online with scoop.it. Internet users can read different content, keep it or classify it by categories. On scoop.it, research on blogs and social networks is done using keywords.
  35. Tik Tok; Through short video content, Internet users can be entertained on Tik Tok. Easy and quick to use, discover new user accounts, share, comment or like. Challenges have also been created and reproduced by thousands of people.

6 Social networks to communicate with your friends, leads and customers: make phone calls

  1. WhatsApp; Purchased by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp is an instant messenger. Chat easily and quickly with your loved ones. For everyone who owns this social network, exchange free written messages, videos, photos or video calls. Every month, 1 billion users use it.
  2. Wechat; Similar to WhatsApp, Wechat is a Chinese platform that works with the QQ social network. This messaging app has almost 700 million users every month.
  3. Line; Share messages, photos, videos, audio notes or even files with the Line social network. Popular in Japan, this application is still available in all countries.
  4. Skype; Owned by Microsoft, Skype is arguably one of the most popular social networks among Internet users. The advantage of this platform is the management of communications. Wherever you are, call your loved ones with a microphone and a webcam. If necessary, invite other people to organize a group conversation. For Skype users, all exchanges are free. When making a call to a cell phone or landline, buy “Skype Credit”.
  5. Viber; Available in 30 languages, the Viber social network allows you to send messages and communicate through audio notes. To go further, the application also allows you to share photos and video content with your contacts. Monthly, Viber attracts 250 million users.
  6. Telegram; Available in 8 languages, Telegram is similar to the use of WhatsApp. Send instant messages to your loved ones securely. Share images or videos in complete confidentiality. This social network counts 100 million people every month.

Organize questions and answers through social networks

  • Yahoo Questions / Answers; Ask all your questions or share your advice on the Yahoo Questions / Answers social network. You thus have the possibility of interacting with Internet users who are probably encountering the same situation as you. Thanks to the algorithm and the way the platform works, access the best answers to find the solution quickly and easily.
  • Quora; Through the use of the Quora social network, have the freedom to ask any questions you want. You also have the possibility to create talk groups and organize discussions on the topics of your choice.
  • Askfm; Answer the questions of Internet users thanks to Askfm. It is one of the most used social networks in terms of questions and answers, because it is possible to use it completely anonymously. This feature attracts 131 million active users every month.

Take a professional approach with social media

  • Linkedin; LinkedIn is one of the most well-known social networks in the professional field. Used all over the world and available in more than twenty languages, create your network to exchange only with people from the same industry as you. Take advantage of your knowledge to recruit, find work, discover new companies or have your questions answered thanks to the expertise of other members. This site has 400 million users and 100 million active monthly.
  • Viadeo; Mainly used in Europe, Viadeo creates numerous relationships between partners, potential customers, employees or employers… This social network is available in 7 languages.
  • Ryze; Develop your professional network with Ryze. Meet new people from an industry different from yours. Expand your knowledge and network with professionals. The users are more located in Switzerland, Australia and Germany.
  • Xing; Close to LinkedIn, Xing offers useful features for all those who wish to develop their professional network. If you wish, an option also allows you to create closed discussion groups to exchange in complete privacy on professional subjects or with work colleagues.
  • Hotelub; The French social network Hotelub makes it easier for professionals to travel. Have a better organization by easily finding the events and services available during your trip, identify the best hotels and restaurants.

Share your photos on social networks

  • Snapfish; Upload all the photos you want with Snapfish. This social network dedicated to sharing photos attracts more than 250 million users. Find many photos to illustrate your different content. Snapfish has over 5 billion photos.
  • Flickr; Popular, the social network Flickr is known for its variety and density in terms of photos. Illustrate all your content with high quality visuals. This site is used in particular by many photographers or photography enthusiasts. They make their creation available which serves more than millions of people every day.
  • Photobucket; Whether you have personal content or professional content to create, Photobucket is one of the social networks available to you. This site is full of quality photos.
  • Deviantart; Easy and quick to use, DeviantArt is the perfect site if you appreciate artist work and art. Users submit their photos for member feedback. It is also possible to download them.
  • Fotolog; Available in over 200 countries, Fotolog is primarily used by bloggers and website owners. Visuals are ideal for imaging your words. This social network is mostly used by people in South America.
  • Pinterest; Known in marketing with the success of the strategies put in place, Pinterest is the social network par excellence that allows you to share and highlight a company’s content. Using original visuals and pins, capture users’ attention to motivate them to click. Beyond the visuals, this platform is also an excellent source of inspiration and ideas. All themes are covered: lifestyle, decoration, cuisine, travel, photography, entrepreneurship … However, be sure to quote the photo credits if you want to use a visual.
  • Buzznet; Depending on your interests, find a large number of content that you may like. Whether through photos or videos, access quality information. If you wish, you have the possibility to integrate your findings on Facebook.
  • We Heart It; Available in more than twenty countries, We Heart It gives you the possibility to share photo content with Internet users. Ideal for finding motivation and inspiration, take advantage of your friends’ shares to find visuals that appeal to you. It now has more than 20 million members.

Touch a particular niche to grow your business

  • Last.fm; For music lovers, last.fm introduces you to new music. Thanks to the recommendation system based on your old listenings, access new songs.
  • ReverbNation; Make new musical encounters with the ReverbNation social network. If you are a musician or work in the music industry, this tool gives you access to new opportunities or partnerships.
  • Cross.tv; Using the same usage as Facebook, this social network for Christians available in 30 languages ​​attracts about half a million users.
  • Flixster; Don’t know what content to watch? Do you feel like you’ve taken the tour of the films and series? The American social network Flixster allows you to access the opinions and recommendations of Internet users. Grades are also awarded.
  • Crokes; Created for writers and book authors, Crokes facilitates exchanges between passionate users and promotes books.
  • Gaia Online; Create your avatar on Gaia Online and customize worlds or even virtual objects. Your creativity and originality have no limits thanks to this social network.
  • BlackPlanet; Mainly used by the African American community, BlackPlanet is a social dating network. Users can organize outings or simply chat on various topics such as work or politics.
  • Care2; Care2 connects people who want to change their habits and have an impact on society. Discussions can motivate people to change their lives and adopt healthier methods.
  • CaringBridge; If you feel the need to talk, CaringBridge is a social network that allows you to discuss difficult topics such as the loss of a loved one, health problems or even addictions. Confide and find support through this social platform.
  • CafeMom; Dedicated to mothers or future mothers, CafeMom is a social network that provides advice, tips or support on various subjects such as motherhood, lifestyle, diet or even married life.
  • Ravelry; If you are passionate about textiles or related activities (knitting, spinning, weaving, embroidery), the Ravelry social network will allow you to discover the work of other enthusiasts, to access tips or find inspiration for your creations. personal.
  • ASmallWorld; ASmallWorld is a social network that offers trips and escapes to Internet users. Access is chargeable.
  • Nextdoor; Nextdoor is one of the social networks developed for people residing in the United States. It creates a link with people living in the same geographical area.
  • Internations; If you are an expatriate, Internations is the social network for you. Also meet expatriate people and take part in the many organized events.
  • Smiile; This social network is the link between the neighbors. Its operation is based on a support system. Several services are available. In a few clicks, rent a space or a car, organize missions …
  • Minds; Based on defense and security, Minds is a social network that speaks out on transparency and the protection of privacy. Its objective: to protect the presence of users.

Social networks around travel

  • Wayn; On the theme of travel and lifestyle, discover new destinations and must-see places with the Wayn app. You also have the possibility of interacting with Internet users to meet them directly on site.
  • CouchSurfing; CouchSurfing is a social network that offers low cost travel. Chat with people who are also looking for a place to stay or connect with hosts. While sharing an extraordinary experience, meet new people.
  • TravBuddy; You like to travel ? Meet new people and connect with TravBuddy app users. Share your experiences, find travel companions and post your suggestions and photos. What to share your travels and your anecdotes with many people.

Trade on video games

  • Cellufun; Specialized in video games, this social network allows you to play, create an avatar, chat with enthusiasts or even discover new games.
  • MocoSpace; As a mobile social network, MocoSpace provides you with different types of games. Over 100 million users love and use it.

To create video content using social networks

  • Youtube Known as a video platform, YouTube is one of the essential social networks for discovering new content and promoting your business. 
    • Access different options:
      • Download content
      • Watch the videos
      • Interact by commenting, liking or sharing videos
    • Although this social network is available worldwide, some countries have decided to ban it.
  • YouKu Having banned YouTube on their territory, the Chinese developed YouKu. With over 500 million active users, this social network works the same as YouTube.
  • Dailymotion Add videos, share them or comment on the social network Dailymotion. The site offers a wide choice of video content.
  • FunnyorDie Discover video content easily and quickly thanks to the FunnyorDie social network. The little extra compared to other social networks: you can rate the content viewed.
  • Mixbit Developed by the YouTube co-founders, this social network gives you the possibility to share videos and edit all the elements you want. Its use is similar to that of Vine or Instagram.
  • Vimeo Share videos and follow video creator accounts on Vimeo. There are many options for you to have a good time.
  • All This social network is intended for micro blogging. Based on the creation of “touts”, users can watch short 15-second videos. If you wish, it is also possible to integrate your own creations.
  • Twitch Twitch is a social network suitable for people who are passionate about gaming. Follow live videos of players sharing their screens and commenting on their game.
  • Peek Create video content and receive tips from users who want to reward you. If you prefer, you have the option of going live.
  • Periscope This social network allows you to be live whenever you want. Share your daily life, music, tips, cooking … You are free to present the content you want. The videos created are kept for 24 hours. With this content, Internet users can interact with you.

Find people through social networks

  • Classmates; Thanks to Classmates, find people who were in class with you or your childhood friends.
  • Friends from before; Discover the lives of your former comrades by using the Copains d’Avant social network. Searching on this platform is made easier with the search by class and institution photo. With more than 15 million members, reconnect with people from your childhood.
  • Trombi; This social network offers you the possibility to find school friends and your photos of the time. What to make a big leap in the past!
  • MyHeritage; Develop your entire family genealogy. Upload photos and create an interactive family tree. With this approach, find your ancestors and contact the people you are related to.

Social networks adapted to adolescents and young adults

  • WeeWorld Play by creating your avatar on WeeWorld. This social network gives you the opportunity to interact with Internet users while enjoying the gaming platform.
  • Habbo In a virtual world, imagine your avatar on Habbo and meet new people. For example, you can create hotel rooms, stroll in the park or chat with other players. Being the biggest social network in Finland, it is present in 150 countries.
  • Tuenti This social network was launched to be the “Spanish Facebook”. Over the years it has evolved and is available in 14 languages. This is one of the social networks for young people.

Social Networks Around blogging

  • Xanga; Host your photos on Xanga. With millions of people, this social network gives you the opportunity to blog or highlight your photo creations.
  • Solaborate; Created for technology professionals, this collaborative social network connects all the people in this field of activity. Discover new opportunities and discuss specific products or services. The presentations are in the form of articles.
  • Plurk; Send messages or links through the Plurk micro blogging app. Up to 210 characters long, the messages sent make it possible to create a link between the different users. It is mainly used in Taiwan.
  • LiveJournal; Available in 31 languages, this social network gives you the opportunity to create a blog or write your thoughts in a digital diary.
  • Bebo; Mainly widespread in English-speaking countries, Bebo is a social network that gives you the opportunity to create a blog, send photos to your loved ones and discuss the themes you want.

Foreign networks to be used in the country concerned

  • Douban This Chinese social network distinguishes two categories:
    • Members can create content on the theme they want (films, politics, books, etc.)
    • Non-member users can only view published content
  • Renren Popular in China, this social network is identical to Facebook in its use and navigation. Easily connect with your friends and share the content you like. Every month, Renren gathers more than 30 million active users monthly.
  • Odnoklassniki The Russian social network Odnoklassniki gives Internet users the opportunity to find people from their childhood as well as their old friends from school.
  • NK Created for Polish students, this social network which attracts 14 million monthly active users is similar to classmates.com.
  • StudiVZ If you are studying in Germany, the StudiVZ social network is for you. It makes the directory of all the students present in the territory.
  • 51.com Competitor of QZone, Renren and Kaixin001, this Chinese social network has 50 million active users.
  • Nexopia With 500,000 active members, this Canadian social network has several features:
    • connect with people
    • write a blog
    • share articles
    • highlight photos …
  • Draugiem Available in several languages, Draugiem is one of the biggest social networks in Latvia. It brings together about 2 million members.
  • Glocals Ideal for expatriates, the Swiss social network Glocals allows you to meet, participate in events and discover the information shared.
  • Cyworld Also present in China and Vietnam, Cyworld allows Koreans to create virtual friendships through avatars.

10 techniques to promote your blog on social networks

Now that you understand the value of social media to promote your blog, learn how to use the different platforms. Here are 10 techniques and tips for communicating via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.

promote your blog on social network 2021

1) Adapt your message to the target and different social networks

Each social network has its own codes and a well-defined audience. It is for this reason that you should not post the same content on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter.

Always adapt your formats according to the platform and the target:

  • Twitter: 280 character messages in touch with current events and use of hashtags. For all.
  • Facebook: favor visual posts with photos or videos intended for the general public.
  • Instagram: publication of engaging photos and stories for a young audience (16-35 years old)
  • TikTok: playful and inventive videos for a young audience (16-24 years old)
  • Pinterest: publication of visual pins with a link to your blog
  • Linkedin: BtoB network

It’s up to you to define which social platforms best match your goals and target. Promotion on these media can help increase traffic and sales to your e-commerce site.

2) Add share buttons to your blog

To promote your blog via social networks, consider incorporating share buttons on your website. These call-to-actions must be perfectly visible and practical to use.

Many plugins allow this functionality to be automatically integrated into all the pages of your website. Always remember to personalize the call-to-action with a small message addressed to your readers.

Remember, the more shares you generate on your articles , the more trust your readers will gain. Indeed, an article shared hundreds or thousands of times is a guarantee of trust and quality.

3) Embed a social media timeline on your blog

In the sidebar of your blog, add timelines for the different social networks you use, without overdoing them. Many plugins allow you to display the latest tweets, Facebook posts or your Instagram photos.

Your readers can also subscribe directly to your various social networks by simply clicking on a button integrated into the plug-in.

Remember that being active on social networks inspires confidence.

4) Produce creative and varied content in your theme

To make yourself known on social networks, it is not enough to publish your content while waiting for it to happen. In addition to creating articles, visuals, infographics or videos with high added value, take a look at what is being done in others. Do not hesitate to share interesting content from other pages or profiles in your theme.

Social media is a formidable field of experimentation in perpetual evolution. Do not hesitate to constantly follow the news of the sector and especially to be creative, by constantly testing new formats. Your Social Media Optimization strategy should not be confined to best practices for success on social networks. Dare to assert your style and claim your difference to stand out from the crowd!

5) Ask your audience to relay your content

Never be afraid to ask your fans to share your blog posts in their network. Each post on social media must be accompanied by a call-to-action to encourage your readers to relay your content. Just add a little “share this article” or “comment on this post”.

You can also interact with your followers on an individual basis. To do this, you just need to use the direct messaging service integrated into social networks. This practice can be tedious, but you will normally get good results. Be careful, however, not to overdo it. Some users hate this process. Always be sincere in your words and avoid having too much of a sales pitch from your first message.

6) Invite your subscribers to participate

Are you familiar with User Generated Content, this content strategy that consists of inviting your subscribers to co-create content for your brand or your blog? It’s a fun and very effective strategy to get people talking about you and increase the size of your audience. Many brands such as Oasis, Hachette Tourisme or even Starbucks use this leverage to make people talk about them.

Take Starbucks for example. Every December, the American firm launches the #RedCupContest on Instagram. Internet users are invited to share their best photos of their cup of coffee, with a chance to win a gift.

7) Connect with influencers to promote your blog

The influence marketing can be a really interesting way to expand the audience of your blog. Indeed, influencers are often excellent relays for disseminating your content and offers to users of social networks.

Do not hesitate to ask bloggers to offer them a partnership. This can take different forms, such as:

  • Offer them to test your offer or your products;
  • Solicit them as part of a guest blogging campaign;
  • Offer them to become an ambassador for your brand.

To work with influencers , consider doing some scouting work upstream and selecting bloggers in your field. Do not hesitate to choose personalities whose editorial line and universe are similar to yours.

8) Create an editorial calendar for social media

To successfully promote your blog on social networks, you must put in place a real SMO strategy. This involves the definition of a clear editorial line for each social platform and the establishment of a publication calendar.

Indeed, publishing content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is not done at random. You can surf current events, publish content adapted to the season or create articles that resonate with major festivals and annual meetings.

9) use social media posting tools

Many digital tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Later allow you to plan your publications on different social networks. Indeed, all community managers will tell you: managing social media posts is extremely time consuming.

Also consider using web or mobile apps like Canva, Unfold, or PicMonkey. They help you create your publications on the different platforms, from a library of thousands of templates, to personalize in a few clicks. An invaluable time saver for the content manager!

You will have to make sure to respect the sizes of the images in order to distribute your ads on social networks.

10) always be proactive

Don’t just relay your new blog post every week . On social media, you need to be proactive and take part in conversations. Target discussions that touch on topics related to your business. Bring your expertise and give visibility to your brand by increasing your credibility.

Likewise, be very responsive to comments, opinions and remarks made on your articles and posts. Respond quickly and sincerely, even with bad comments. Reacting quickly to questions and criticism is the best way to maintain your online reputation and avoid that famous bad buzz that all brands dread.

Now that you understand the value of integrating social media into your blog’s marketing strategy, all you have to do is take action. However, if social networks remain a very effective way to make yourself known, your social media strategy must be combined with other levers such as SEO, SEA and content marketing for example.


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