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Improving visibility of a company on internet

Improve the visibility of a company on the internet

Date: 03.20.2023

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Increasing the visibility of your company on the internet is essential to generate prospects and get noticed: specific to the digital communication of a company, a website is the first tool to be favored.

Although other media exist to improve its visibility such as print or radio, we will focus here mainly on web marketing and inbound marketing techniques that are often more effective, and which allow you to target your prospects rather than these other media..

So why improve its visibility? How do you get there? Which professionals to choose and which budget to devote to effectively improve the visibility of a company? Let’s try to see it more clearly.

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Why improve the visibility of a company?

If you are looking to improve the visibility of your business, you probably already know some of the answers:

  • Increase your turnover and prosper… Indeed, the purpose of creating a business is more than obvious: to generate turnover!
    However, there is no CA if people don’t know about your business. It then becomes important to improve your visibility on the internet mainly and to develop your business sector upstream.
  • Make yourself a place on the internet among your competitors: knowing who your competitors are and what they offer can help you differentiate your products or services.
    This step will also give you the opportunity to set your prices competitively and help you face competitive marketing campaigns through your own initiatives.
  • Improving the visibility of a company also contributes to prospecting: in fact, you will have many more opportunities to find new prospects if your activity is easily detectable on the web.
    You can eventually build loyalty by offering them free content with high added value, for example, which will make the next step much easier, which is the conversion of prospects to customers. A loyal audience logically weighs on the increase in your turnover.
Why improve the visibility of a company?

How to boost the visibility of a company on the internet?

Boosting the visibility of a business on the internet can be achieved primarily by working on aspects such as:

  • Website aesthetics
    The visual appearance of your website is important because it affects how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either cause them to stay longer and learn more about your business, or leave your page and turn to a competitor.
    The aesthetics of your site therefore go a long way in keeping potential customers.
  • The technical aspect of the site
    Improving the various technical aspects not only helps search engines explore and understand your site, but also improves the user experience (UX).
    This is a decisive step that must be regularly updated in order to improve your ranking on Google mainly. It’s also about a clean-running website (fast, clean and easy to use) to keep your visitors here longer.
  • Website content
    Obtaining better rankings on search engines as well as loyal visitors is primarily done through high quality content.
    Although the conception and design of the site are important in making a good first impression on visitors, it is what you present as the material that mainly helps to keep them coming back.
    As you will have understood, investing in high-end content is essential to the success of any website.
  • On-Site and Off-Site
    SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quite simply a set of techniques and strategies for optimizing the various elements that make up your website for search engines.
    This can be divided into two distinct categories: On-Site SEO for actions performed directly from your site and Off-Site SEO for those external to the site.
    Both are essential to the success of SEO business, but they are based on two different aspects. We will come back to this in more detail in the article.

Improve the website of the company in question to boost its visibility

Improving a website should follow each step previously mentioned to meet the needs of search engines and the browsing experience of visitors. If, however, its structure is too outdated with the latest developments, it will then become necessary to go through the redesign of the website of the company in question.

Improve the aesthetics of the company’s site

Visual elements such as the company logo, typography, illustrations, colors as well as the graphic load characterize the image of a brand.

They are therefore an integral part of the process of improving the aesthetics of the company site and must be regularly updated.

It is also important to ensure good consistency of the pages and to ventilate your content well, especially if it is comprehensive to offer a pleasant reading to your visitors. Images and infographics must also be correctly identifiable and optimized in order to lighten the site and provide smoother navigation.

To improve the visibility of a company, we take care of the aesthetics of its website, taking into account:

  • The graphic charter, the colors, the choice of the typo;
  • The consistency of the pages, the ventilation of the content;
  • Easily identifiable visual elements;
  • Images, illustrations and even adapted infographics…

Improve the technical part of the company’s website

Before going any further in the subject, it is strongly advised to call on a professional in the creation of website if the improvement of the technical part of your site is not familiar to you. It is indeed a question of tasks to be handled with care which require professional know-how at the risk of ending up with a dysfunctional site.

When we talk about improving the technical part of a site, we start by wondering about its tree structure. It is a question of chronologically developing the structure of the site by creating a “site map”. This file will allow you to have a global visual on each page constituting the company site and to reorganize them so as to link them properly (internal mesh).

It is also essential to have a solid navigation system (main menu) to keep visitors to your site as much as possible and reduce the bounce rate.
This process will also improve the UX so that your users can easily identify menus, categories and tabs.

In the same vein, make sure that your site is mobile compatible (responsive). Good to know, more than 57% of Internet users use their smartphone to surf the web. A site not adapted to their screen therefore represents a significant shortfall.

Improving the visibility of a company’s website therefore also involves the technical part and improving its loading speed. To do this, compress the various media present on the site: images, videos, audio files or graphic representations … you can quickly lighten them using free tools, and easily found on the web such as tinypng.

Also remember to review all existing content so as to purify it as much as possible and eliminate “superfluous content”.

In summary, to improve the visibility of a company’s site, it is necessary to improve the technical part of the company’s site, and to ensure:

  • The tree structure and structure of the site, reorganizing the pages of the site if necessary;
  • Improve the UX and navigation of the site;
  • Be able to easily identify menus / categories / tabs;
  • Increase the loading speed;
  • Optimize images / compress sources;
  • Clean up content or even remove superfluous content;
  • Make sure your site is mobile compatible (responsive).

Improve the content of the company’s website

As already mentioned, the success of a company’s website is essentially based on what it offers as content. It is of utmost importance to provide uniquerelevantrobust and spelling-free content to create a strong and positive impression with visitors.

In addition, your content must imperatively be adapted to your audience in order to better retain them and increase your chances of turning them into customers. Use analytics tools to spot areas where reading times matter the most, and create more evergreen content around those topics to keep your visitors coming back.

Improve the website of the company in question to boost its visibility
content of website matters to improve the visibility of a company

Note that your content must not only respond to what your readers are looking for, but also to search engine robots to bring them up in their results. So don’t forget to offer as many relevant keywords as possible, linked to the main query of your content in order to increase their chance of appearing in the first results of Google.

Good content also helps demonstrate your skillexperience and achievement by creating the right posts and pages. You can eventually develop this process in content marketing and content strategy, which will allow you to show all your expertise to your customers. Become over time, a luminary in your sector by becoming a real expert.

In short, improving the visibility of a company also means improving the content of its site:

  • Create unique, relevant and rich content;
  • Demonstrate your know-how, experience, and accomplishments by creating posts and pages regularly;
  • Rework your content and make sure to correct it if necessary;
  • Create content tailored to your audience;
  • Show your experience and knowledge to your customers, become a recognized expert, a leader in your sector.

Improve the SEO of the company’s website

Act on the seo of the company’s website: On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO consists of the organic seo optimization of a website by acting directly from it.

Basically, this is a list of important actions and techniques to help search engines understand your site, its pages, identify keywords, read your content… Identifying and targeting good keywords for your content are the factors to consider first.

If the right phrases and keywords are not properly integrated into your content, search engines will not show them up in their results during the indexing and ranking processes.

In order to optimize your business’ website for organic seo, it is also necessary to correct the important HTML tags of your pages and content. This step aims to better identify, structure and prioritize information to help search engines understand their structure by improving the title and description metas and the various content tags (H1, H2, H3…, the tag ALT).

In on-site actions, it may be wise to optimize the links in your content to other internal pages of your site: the internal networking. This is about adding internal links to other pages or articles on your website to improve UX and help search engine navigation on your business site, provided you use contextual anchors reflecting well the page to be meshed.

Also, consider fixing broken links and 404 errors. Broken links are those on your site that point to resources that no longer exist. These can be internal or external (404 errors). Repairing or eliminating them greatly improves the SEO of your business site.

Finally, don’t forget to set up tracking tools like widely used Google Analytics. This measurement tool allows you to do background tracking of your website, allowing you in particular to identify the different sources of traffic on your company’s website. It also helps you to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, your content, social networks, user experience as well as mobile ergonomics etc.

The Google Search Console is also an excellent tool in the analysis of your website to measure its performance.

In summary for onsite or onpage SEO:

  • Identify and target the right keywords for your content;
  • Correct the tags: improve metas, correctly use the right content tags (h1, h2, h3 hierarchy of information, alt tag, etc.);
  • Mesh your site correctly by adding internal links to other pages;
  • Repair broken links and 404 errors;
  • Set up measurement and monitoring tools (Google Analytics, Search Console) …

Off-Site SEO: means external to the company’s website to improve it

Unlike SEO techniques that can be applied directly on site, Off-Site SEO is made up of elements that are external to your site and is therefore more complicated to implement in certain aspects.

Off-Site SEO: means external to the company's website to improve it
Concept of netlinking or link building to improve the visibility of a company

However, there is still a powerful SEO strategy that plays a key role in increasing the visibility of a website. You actually have to go beyond your own website if you want people to talk about your brand or your services. Different tactics are used to boost the Off-Site SEO of your site such as:

  • Backlinks: These are qualified links from referral sites to yours and your pages. When search engines detect quality backlinks, it indicates that your website deserves to be linked, thus being synonymous with an authority in your field.

    The best way to get backlinks is to create rich, quality content, and get people talking about you, so you increase the chances that your pages will be mentioned from other websites in a organic way.
  • Local SEO: Often forgotten, local SEO is also very important in improving the SEO of your business site. Create your “Google My Business” account and fill in your company profile correctly, which will allow your company to appear in local search results related to your products or services.

    Don’t forget to respond to reviews and update information as your business progresses.
  • Social networks: Providing quality content to users being the main goal of search engines, content often shared on social networks is therefore a powerful indicator to bring it up in its results.

    So be active by commenting, participating and sharing your content from other sites and social networks in order to boost your popularity. You can also call on a community manager in the creation and distillation of the content, the loyalty of your visitors, etc.
Offsite SEO in summary:
  • Get qualified links from referral sites to yours and your pages (backlinks);
  • Do not omit your local SEO, create your Google My Business listing, post, respond to reviews, update the necessary information;
  • Use and be active on social networks;
  • Comment, participate, share: from other sites and social networks, this will help make you known and your popularity;
  • Call on a community manager in the creation and distillation of content, the loyalty of your visitors etc.

Improve the visibility of your site on Google and search engines

Your goal being to have a solid SEO strategy to drive more traffic and transformations, all of these SEO actions, if executed well, will organicly help you appear in search engines and on Google.

Therefore, apply the above SEO techniques and constantly test your performance to determine the best method for your business: adjust the efficient, improve or eliminate the inefficient.

Boost the visibility of a company with a poster campaign: SEA

Another possibility, paid SEO is useful for immediate results, in synergy with SEO. Acronym for “Search Engine Advertising”, SEA is used to describe paid advertising.

This technique is generally used initially as a short and medium term strategy and the goal of which is to provide rapid or even immediate visibility to the products and services of your company. It allows advertisers to position themselves on searched keywords and on a well-targeted audience. These ads often appear at the top of organic search results.

What budget to improve the visibility of a company?

The budget to be evaluated to boost the visibility of a company on the internet varies from one company to another depending on 3 main criteria:

  • Your sector of activity:
    Considering the size of your industry is decisive in evaluating an accurate quote for support for improving the visibility of your business on the web. Elements such as your geolocation, the products or services offered, the prices charged as well as your “personal branding” fully contribute to this.
  • Your catchment area:
    In order to precisely define the budget to improve the visibility of a company on the net, it is also important to take stock of the catchment area of ​​your activity. Thus, analyzing the different sources of your potential customers and implementing strategies to encourage them to consume your products / services will weigh on the financing of your marketing actions.
  • The level of competition and where you stand in relation to them:
    Knowing your main competitors in relation to the body of your sector of activity is the key to improving your visibility but it is also a criterion in the evaluation of the budget to spend. This step will allow you to distinguish your products, services and offers from your main rivals in order to offer something unique.

It may be necessary to carry out a complete website redesign. The budget also varies depending on the type of site and therefore also your expectations in terms of efficiency.

It is also difficult to give a price to increase the visibility of a company on the internet, because it varies on the one hand according to all these criteria, but also on the other hand, according to the customizations of the site. This can range from € 2,000 up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Setting up SEO campaigns also entails different costs: from content creation, compliance, to netlinking… it can easily start at around € 3,000.

The implementation of display campaigns (SEA) depends on the keywords on which to position and the amount of bids strongly conditioned by the business sector of the company, demand and supply.

There are also the next ones which allow to activate new levers of acquisition of visibility such as the relay on social networks with the employment of a community manager etc.

Who to choose to improve the visibility of a company?

Specialists in web, digital communication and SEO: you can entrust your project to a web agency for a complete support and service, from the total redesign of the site to marketing campaigns and follow-up.

Who to choose to improve the visibility of a company?
web consultant improving the visibility of a company

If your site does not require a complete overhaul, you can also turn to an SEO consultant, indicated in the optimization of websites in their organic seo, who will be able to assist you in identifying the points to be improved by priority, the setting in place of actions aimed at improving the visibility of your company on the web, and in the monitoring of your site.

In any case, remember to check the references of the providers you choose to ensure their expertise in the field of SEO and / or website redesign.


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