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Instagram: 8 tips to increase Brand visibility

by Editorial Staff

For average Internet users, social networks are used to stay connected with the rest of the world. For professionals, these are now essential tools to increase their online visibility, but you still have to know how to use them well. If you’re not sure you’re doing it right, here are some tips on how to finally make Instagram one of your favorite Social Media marketing mediums to increase Brand visibility.

Do you really have to use Instagram?

You really should use Instagram if:

  • You have items / products to sell
  • You have a hard time standing out from the competition
  • You want to launch a new brand
  • You want to retain your customers
  • You want to boost your turnover
  • You want to increase Brand visibility
Do you really have to use Instagram to increase Brand visibility?
Instagram is one of the best tool available to increase Brand visibility

In other words, this social network is a marketing support that should not be overlooked when you want to put your products, brand or business forward. A study has shown that if you do it right on Instagram, you can get 20 times more interactions than on other social networks like Facebook.

The question now is to unravel this “if we do it right”. What does it involve and how do you go about it? Best practices for social networks and your business site? Find some tips below …

8 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility on Instagram

1. Publish high quality images

As we all know, Instagram is the social network for photography. Here, you have every interest in taking out your professional photographer’s cap, because blurry, poorly framed, dark, pixelated images… have no place there. You just have to scroll through the news feed to realize this.

Therefore, before posting a photo, make sure that it is spotless. Repeat as much as needed until you get the perfect shot. Fortunately, you no longer need film to photograph so stop playing tight-fisted with your digital camera.

For information:

Instagram offers many filters to enhance your photos. You can use it for a bit of fun, but be careful to dose it well. If you use too much, others will notice it and this will cast doubt on the real quality of your products. Indeed, a filter means that you want to hide something so you can say goodbye to transparency.

The best advice we can give you regarding these filters is to avoid them as much as possible. To do this, always prefer organic light when taking your photos, avoid the flash, use an ambient light source if you have to take a photo at night and go for the organic. In recent years, more and more brands are relying on “organicness” to prove that they have nothing to hide and thus testify to the effectiveness (or not) of their products. Try “Normal” mode, as it might surprise you. It has become an essential criterion of trust for Instagram users.

2. Never forget the stickers in a story

On Instagram, we also have the Stories publication tool. This is where we publish the important posts of the moment and those we want to promote. As a professional, you need to use them to stay visible, but that’s not all. To get the most views in the Stories , it is strongly recommended to use the stickers.

Instagram offers several such as discoverability stickers (hashtag, mention, geolocation …), engagement stickers (questions, quiz, survey …) or even gifs. The advantage is that you can use more than one for a Story, so use as many as you need to get the most interactions. Just make sure that the stickers are related to the story in question.

3. Choose the right sticker

Since you have several available, do not be impressed and add them at random. The choice must be careful to achieve the desired effect for increasing Brand visibility. You must take into account your online reputation and your budget.

increase Brand visibility by choosing right sticker
increase Brand visibility by choosing right sticker

If your brand has already acquired a good reputation with your followers, the hashtag sticker, the Music sticker, the location sticker or the countdown sticker allow you to personalize your stories and strengthen the bond between you and your followers.

On the other hand, if your brand is still little known and you want to promote it, you must first try to know your audience better. To do this, favor the survey sticker, the quiz sticker, the question sticker, the emoji cursor sticker or simply the discussion sticker. These allow you to obtain the opinions and preferences of your followers, information that you can use later to improve your offers and better target customers.

4. Create a “What ____ are you?” »Personalized

You have surely already seen and tested this famous filter. Do you know that you can also use it for your own brand and even personalize it?

If you are a pizza whiz, your filter might be “Which pizza are you?” “. If you are selling perfumes, your filter might be “What perfume are you?” “. If you are a florist, it might be “Which flower are you?” “…

Did you understand the concept? All you have to do is open the Spark AR Studio tool, now available to the public, to create it. Just try to find the right phrase, one that is easy to remember and that is catchy. The goal is for it to go viral so that users can easily remember it.

5. Use your profile to highlight your news

In the profile page, we always expect to see the last name, first name … essential information, but which does not really sell. We are not asking you to remove them, because it is still important that others know you better, but instead of posting a full bio, it is better to drop your current news there.

Yes, you will have to modify it for each new product and to update your profile regularly in order to remove the news which has become obsolete. The goal is to let those who view your profile for the first time know who you are and what project you are working on.

Also remember to update the pinned stories so that at the time of each visit, your potential customers can see current events, products in stock or still valid services.

6. Conduct joint campaigns to increase Brand visibility

On Instagram, do not think that you are the only brand of clothing, bags, decorative items … to want to improve brand visibility. There are many more. While some have managed to climb to the top, others like you are still working to improve their image. Why not look for partners among them to conduct advertising campaigns together? This is a win-win technique since whatever you get, the other gets too and vice versa.

You even have various techniques for this:

  • Contests: each of the partners offers a contest to their followers with a common prize to be won. Each partner asks their followers to subscribe to the other’s account
  • The shoutout: in your posts, you mention the accounts you follow, explaining to your followers why you like them and why they should also follow them
  • Co-creation of content: either you create content together, or you invite the other to come and talk about their brand on your account. We are adopting the principle of guest blogging.

For the trick to be effective, choose a partner who has the same objectives as you and who has the same type of audience as you. There is no point in contacting a professional serving senior if your products are intended for adolescents.

7. Use audio and video messages to reply to private messages

Whenever you receive a private message, try to reply to it with an audio or video message. It’s more personal and it brings you closer to your interlocutor.

increase Brand visibility by sending audio or video messages to customers
increase Brand visibility by sending audio or video messages to customers

In addition, these messages are easier to create and are more understandable since your intonation, your gestures and even your small mistakes make you more “human” and therefore more accessible. Customers prefer this to salespeople who are too stuffy and unwilling to listen to others.

8. Reference your images

Did you know that the “alt text” feature is now available on Instagram? So, don’t forget to fill in this field, as it’s a great way for people with visual impairments to know what’s in the photo.

In addition, if you already do SEO on your personal blog, you know how essential this tag is to optimize your visibility. Therefore, fill in the photo and don’t forget to insert a keyword.

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