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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

by Editorial Staff

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11, are you confused whether to upgrade or not? is it really worthy ? Lets find out.

I’ve been lucky enough to use the iPhone 12 now for the past couple days almost a week and I think most people can grab them in stores now and if you’re on the fence still if you’re eyeing say the iPhone 11 maybe even how this device isn’t the iPhone 12 worth the upgrade?.

I think so many people ask me that question so in this blog I will compare 2 of these devices last year’s iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 of this year’s.

Price Review: iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11

Price: iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Mini

The first thing in any sort of comparison or review is the price, how much do these things cost?.

The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $799 USD / $1129 Canadian. Just keep in mind our exchange rate isn’t the greatest all the time it’s slightly confusing though because on the apple website it says the iPhone 12 starts at $699 that’s for the iPhone 12 mini which is actually coming out later this month / November.

It’s $100 more for the standard 6.1 inch and that sadly still only comes with a base storage option of 64 gigs if you do grab the pro model at least it’s 128 gigs but it’s also more expensive.

What’s Not Included in iPhone 12 Box ?

I think that we’ve all also heard apple no longer includes charging break inside of the box and if you’re making the upgrade from a device 2,3 or 4 years ago you probably have the standard apple charger USB-A to lightning and that’s sadly won’t work with the cable which is provided in the box as that’s USB-C to lightning.

You can obviously buy an extra power brick, it’s an extra $20 in weirdly enough though it’s the same type of charger that you would get in the iPhone 11 box and I kind of go back and forth on it because yes apple is helping save the environment but in reality most people don’t have USB-C charging breaks.

Most people looking to upgrade have a device 3,4 or 5 years, that are old now and are now stuck spending an extra $20 on each charging brick.

Price: iPhone 11

The next thing about price which I think is actually really important apple has dropped the price on the iPhone 11 to $599 USD / $979 CAD. so that’s a $200 difference between iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 which I think is pretty huge and that makes the iPhone 11 a lot more compelling especially when you bring up both devices.

Why iPhone 11 is more compelling?

$200 difference between iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 which I think is pretty huge and that makes the iPhone 11 a lot more compelling especially when you bring up both devices. Some key points are as follows,

  • They have a very similar form factor placing them side by side.
  • They are almost identical.
  • The iPhone 12 is just slightly smaller I believe 11 percent smaller.
  • They flatten out the edges on the iPhone 12. I think it’s personal preference you get used to what you’re holding. I personally prefer the boxy designs. I like the hard edges whereas my girlfriend prefers the round edges on her iPhone 11.
  • we’ve got the same display size 66.1 inches.
  • we still have a very large notch on both.
  • Display: We are switching though from liquid it right now over to their super retina XTR display that essentially means we’ve got a higher pixel density into me the screen is a lot sharper I don’t think most people though will really notice that difference it also gets a lot brighter at upto 1200 nits but I think the key feature that is missing that would make it an instant sell is a higher refresh rate so we are still stuck at 60 hertz.
  • Speed: The overall speed is actually very similar. Speaking about speed performance wise, the silicon on the inside, we do have the new A14 bionic versus the A13 of course the iPhone 11.

Although the benchmark show how superior the iPhone 12 is on this day to day use when I’m interacting with my device scrolling through social media playing a couple games they feel so similar.

iphone 12 vs iphone 11
Bechmark: iphone 12 vs iphone 11

I think that’s the problem with smart phones these days the changes or the improvements are so incremental in performance maybe loading times are a half second faster but unless you’ve got both devices side by side. I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference between either device.

Around the rest of the device is actually very similar so they both have glass backs and if you want the satin finish you do need to lean over to the pro models maybe color is possibly an option that would sway you in one direction.

iPhone 12 Red Colour Review

The product red though on the iPhone 12. I’ve had a lot of questions on this it isn’t exactly as dark or as deep as other product read that they’ve hot but I do still enjoy feeling the hard aluminum or even stainless on the iPhone 12 pro if that’s the case you want to be more adventurous.

Dbrand has some skins it’ll still keep the back nice and protected and you can rock essentially any color combo that you want and they’re only around 10 Bucks so you can swap them out easier than you would with say a case.

is MagSafe works on iPhone 12?

if you are wondering about MagSafe it technically still works over on the iPhone 11 to just doesn’t have the same magnet so it will still charge your device but of course on the iPhone 12 models.

You do get that cool notification that your device is charging there must be a little NFC chip built in and the magnets obviously work way better.

Camera Review: iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11

One of the last big areas to compare is on the back which are the cameras and although they seem very similar.

  • We’ve got a 2 line set up on both.
  • we still have the 12 megapixel ultra wides which have always been my favorite.

But on the iPhone 12 we have a brand new 12 megapixel so same megapixel count wide sensor and off of my initial testing there’s definitely an improvement over on the twelfth dynamic range seems to be better color reproduction is also a bit more accurate but I’ll let you guys be the judge I don’t know if that’s a justified upgrade costs for that slated the difference $200.

Battery Life

I’m still honestly very happy with both and that is pretty much the big big differences between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 battery life. You’re still looking at around a day in the day and half depending on usage.

Final Thoughts

iPhone 12 has a slightly better water resistance rating. I think you can go a bit deeper and water and for a longer period but once again not that big of a difference and honestly if you already own the iPhone 11 I see no reason to make the upgrade to the 12 and with the price drop on the 11. I think this becomes way more of a compelling device to grab unless,

  • if you are a real pixel peeper and really will notice that screen resolution different.
  • if you need that extreme proven on the camera.

But if you are that kind of person I think you’ll already be looking over to the pro model but yeah that’s kind of my thoughts on the new iPhone 12 if you do end up upgrading if you’re coming from the iPhone 6,7 or 8 you will be very happy with this device if your person like me and all of those things that I mentioned matter to you I’m personally gonna be rocking the iPhone 12 promax when that comes into the studio.

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So if you’re interested in seeing all things apple coverage any other, let me know down below in the comments and hope you guys enjoy this.

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