For many people, the kitchen is the central room in the home. In the evenings, the whole family gathers here for delicious dinners, here you can drink tea and discuss how the day went, and on weekends arrange a joint modeling of dumplings or bake cookies.

The kitchen unites and pleases the whole family with coziness. The atmosphere of a kitchen largely depends on how it is equipped and what kind of Kitchen furniture is chosen for its interior. When choosing how to furnish a kitchen, you need to take into account a huge number of points. I will try to consider the main ones so that you can create a beautiful image of your kitchen.

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What to look for when choosing kitchen furniture

What to look for when choosing kitchen furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture is primarily determined by the size and configuration of the room. The smaller the kitchen, the more carefully you need to think over its functionality, because every centimeter of usable area counts!

The minimum set of kitchen furniture usually consists of the following items:

  • floor and wall cabinets for storing dishes and food;
  • cabinet with an installed sink;
  • cabinet for installing the hob (if a free-standing stove is not used);
  • work surface in the form of a tabletop installed on floor cabinets;
  • dining group: table and chairs or stools.

Approach the layout of your kitchen furniture responsibly. First, estimate and write down everything that you need to place in the planned cabinets and on the countertop. You may want to build in something of the technology (for example, a microwave oven, oven, etc.). If you think over all storage, from teaspoons to a blender, then it will be very convenient to cook in the kitchen and all unnecessary will be removed, there will be less visual noise, and this creates a stylish interior.

Kitchen furniture: how to furnish a kitchen

The choice of colors for kitchen furniture is dictated by purely personal preferences and taste. Now manufacturers are ready to fulfill any customer’s whim and make furniture of any color and size. But remember that it is quite expensive to equip a kitchen, so it is better to choose a color so that after a year you will not get bored with its brightness, for example. Designer tips in choosing a color will not be superfluous:

  1. Use no more than two primary colors to decorate your kitchen.
  2. Pay attention to the color of the hardware. It should match the color scheme of the furniture.
  3. Consider the side of the world that your kitchen windows face. On the south side, it is better to choose colder “refreshing” colors, and on the north side, warm shades will be more harmonious.
  4. If you want bright furniture in the kitchen, the rest of the finish (floor, walls, ceiling) is best kept in soothing colors.
  5. Pay special attention to lighting your kitchen. Nowadays, backlighting is not only a convenience, but also an element of design and style.
Kitchen furniture: how to furnish a kitchen

The requirements for the materials of kitchen furniture are quite high: they must be resistant to temperature extremes, steam, frequent washing with aggressive agents from grease and other contaminants.

The main materials are:

  • Natural wood. This is an expensive and capricious material, but the furniture looks very solid and impressive.
  • MDF. Wear-resistant, in quality and appearance close to wood.
  • Chipboard. Less durable material, but much cheaper than previous materials. A big plus is the variety of shapes and colors of chipboard products.
  • Plastic. It is not afraid of moisture, but suffers greatly from direct sunlight.
  • Metal. It is expensive but very stylish. Although it is not afraid of deformation, the appearance requires special care, since the reflective surface is easily scratched.

When talking about kitchen furniture, we shouldn’t forget about the dining area. The table and chairs should certainly be combined in style and color with the rest of the kitchen furniture. If you are not sure of your choice before installing the kitchen, take your time, it is better to order a table and chairs when the overall picture is in front of your eyes.

Ergonomic placement and storage in the kitchen

Ergonomics is a very important topic in kitchen design. There are certain rules according to which you can think over the convenience of the kitchen so much that it will be 100% comfortable to cook and eat here.

Kitchen furniture:Kitchen furniture: how to furnish a kitchen beautiful look
  • The most basic is the so-called “working triangle rule”. It defines the convenient location of three important points in the kitchen: sink, refrigerator and stove. If you connect these objects, the sides of the resulting triangle should not exceed 6 m.
  • Each piece of furniture in the kitchen has its own opening area. It is necessary to take into account that, when opening, the distance remains sufficient for a person and does not hinder movements (pull out something, put something). Check if the window sill, cornice, handles of adjacent drawers are in the way.
  • The work surface should be located so that the back of the cooker does not get tired. The optimal height is considered to be 85 cm.
  • In order to make it convenient to use tall cabinets under the very ceiling, provide a folding step-ladder. Ideally, also allocate a special place for her in the kitchen set, so that she does not get in the way when she is not needed, but is always at hand.

How to create a beautiful image in the interior of the kitchen with furniture

Kitchen furniture: how to furnish a kitchen

A beautiful image of the kitchen interior can be created only when all the nuances are taken into account. Plan the arrangement of furniture so that it is harmonious in this particular room.

Select a placement option according to your kitchen configuration:

  • The linear, single-row arrangement of furniture in the kitchen is ideal for narrow, elongated rooms. The dining area will be located against the opposite wall.
  • Corner (or L-shaped) kitchen is suitable for square or square-shaped rooms. This is a more ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the kitchen. It will be convenient to place the table and chairs in the center of the room, which will add integrity to the whole idea.
  • U-shaped kitchens are suitable for kitchens from 10 sq.m. In terms of convenience, this is a very good “everything at hand” option.
  • A linear two-row kitchen is more suitable when the dining area is a separate room – the dining room, and the kitchen itself is “walk-through”.
  • An island kitchen is an option for large premises. A freestanding “island” can be an additional work surface, or it can be an additional dining area like a bar counter.

Planning kitchen furniture is a lot like writing a script, as if you were already using it. This will help you to imagine all the inconvenient moments that may arise during operation, and to avoid them. Take the time to think through all the details, and you and your family can enjoy the harmonious, comfortable atmosphere of your new kitchen.

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