You and your period: what if you got to know each other? Find out what you should know about your period to better cope with this painful time of the month for many of us.

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Your period flushes out your toxins

Ah, those ragnagnas! Tired of having them! Why are women the only ones to go through this painful ordeal? These words have been heard billions of times and will continue to be heard for a long time to come. But while slowly advancing on eggshells, I whisper in your ears that this period is a chance for you, for us women.

However, thanks to your period, your body eliminates (when no IUD is installed, blocking the periods), the toxins accumulated in your body over the days. And the more your body is filled with toxins, integrated by the means of your food, breathing, hydration, body care, the more it will eliminate in force, creating in you pain.

Because your body is like virgin land, the more you take care of it, the more you harvest, the more you use it and the more you feed it with chemical fertilizers (like food supplements and vitamins or other nutrients that you ingest), the more it loses its vitality.

What solutions against pain during periods?


The solutions indicated would be to take care of yourself on a regular basis and to look differently at the products that you put in or on your body. Beyond this purely hygienic but essential side, it is also a matter of thinking about yourself and taking care of your physical and mental health because the origin of these ailments is multifactorial: assess your stress level and your physical fatigue on a daily basis. and emotional, regularly measure your intake of essential nutrients (already found in your diet) so as not to experience a lack: it thus alters the fragile balance of your body.

Note also that stress and anxiety have a great impact on your body. People who are reluctant to take care of themselves will be more prone to period pain.

Naturopathy and sophrology against painful periods


Simply consider using naturopathic and sophrotherapy tools: sophrology, massage, energy treatments, healthy eating, breathing, sports activity, etc.

Start in the morning by drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a little lemon juice (with lemon juice or 2 drops of essential oils) on rising , take a few minutes (5 should be enough at the beginning) to do some physical activity exercises to awaken gently your body and joints. Then finish with a little abdominal massage to relieve the digestive system and prepare it for that essential first meal of breakfast.

At each of your meals, choose to rest for at least 20 minutes. Your body needs calm and time for the machine to do its inner work as well as possible. The more you interfere with the rhythms, the more you block the initial functioning: homeostasis.

Stop running incessantly, start slowing down: the more calmly, almost in harmony with your regular and calm breathing you will do things, the more efficient, conscious, safe and peaceful you will be.

A sensory exercise to try now


Finally, try this last sensory exercise to be in the permanent identification of who you are from day to day:

Draw on a sheet or a mental diagram a stick figure in the image of what you are at the moment: can you put a smile on him, a mask defining your state of being? Would the silhouette that he would draw all around be enveloping, non-existent or too important? Are the colors that would color this guy cheerful, dark or pastel? What are the words that spontaneously appear? positive, negative, encouraging? With this drawing, you have a spontaneous image of what you are in this moment T.

Choose to put actions in place to improve the condition of this individual on a daily basis and your whole being will be able to thank you every month.

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