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Protection of House from theft: effective methods

by Editorial Staff

Protecting a your home from invasion or protection of House from theft is a topical topic for every owner of suburban real estate. Most of the owners of private houses live on the site only in the spring-summer period, and in the fall, when the harvest is harvested, the beds are insulated, and autumn work of the garden has been completed, the owners are moving to live in a city apartment, which is more convenient, closer to work, and probably warmer if the heating system is not installed in the house.

Such houses are empty for a long time, and for thieves such a house is an easy prey: there are no owners, there is no hurry, you can take out the whole house. An empty house must be protected from intruders. In other cases, when the site is prepared for wintering, and the owner of the house lives in the countryside all year round, the protection of the home from invasion is needed even more, because in this case there is a question of not only loss of property, but also the risk to human health and life. How to protect your home from theft, we will discuss in today’s article.

From whom are we protecting our home?

Protection of House from theft
Protection of House from theft: intruder invading home

According to statistics from law enforcement agencies, winter thefts account for several times more crimes than summer ones. And this is understandable: in addition to the absence of the landlord in the house, the situation is often similar in neighboring houses. A thief cannot be frightened away or caught red-handed. However, more often than not, thefts from the site in winter are not what we are used to when discussing city thefts. Rare theft has a big financial goal, unless it is an expensive home and a tip-off burglary. More often than not, a thief is a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs and needs metals for resale. If equipment, garden tools or building materials are left on the site, this will become bait for the robber.

Protection of House from theft
Protection of House from theft: intruder invading home

In the house, a thief may be interested in appliances, new and old, dishes, household and cutlery, and even bedding. By the way, another reason for the opening of lonely houses is a shelter for people without a place of residence in frosty winter time. It is not uncommon for thieves to gather crops and take nothing else. However, it also happens that more wealthy houses are exposed to the autopsy, in such cases the financial losses are higher and more unpleasant. But regardless of the circumstances, theft is always an unpleasant fact, which is associated with financial losses, further spending, and sometimes with loss of health if the criminals find the owner of the house at home. For this reason, protecting your home from theft is a hot topic for all owners of suburban real estate. Therefore you must know how to protect your home from intruders?

Suburban safety rules to to protect your home from invasion

There are many ways to protect your home from invasion, each owner chooses the one that suits him in terms of convenience and cost. However, even for the most economical, there are traditional rules for the safety of a home from theft. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Protection of House from theft
Protection of House from theft: intruder invading home
  • Fence at their home boundary. You should not neglect this structure on your site, the fence is assigned not only an aesthetic role. This is a reliable way to protect your home from burglars, even if the house itself is simple and unremarkable in appearance. An economical option would be a fence made of a chain-link mesh or edged board to be installed on your home boundary / wall.
Protection of House from theft
  • Timeliness of work. Do not delay harvesting from the Garden / Crops, do not leave equipment or equipment on the site that could attract intruders.
  • Make acquaintances. Friendship with neighbors in the village is not only an excuse for neighbors’ gatherings and meetings for barbecue. Neighbors can play a critical role in a successful home intrusion campaign. They will be the first to notice that something is wrong, they will be able to inform you in a timely manner or call the police in order to scare or catch intruders invading your home.
Protection of House from theft
  • Use the lock. A high-quality door with a security system is, of course, an indispensable part of protective measures against thieves. We will talk about this in more detail below. But even the presence of a door does not replace a quality padlock on the door. But experts do not advise to hang a padlock on the gate, the presence of such a lock will lead the robbers to the idea that no one has visited the house for a long time. When choosing a padlock, give preference to a reliable safety product. Pay attention to how the castle is located, it is advisable to think over a canopy or insulation, a castle that has frozen over the winter you cannot easily open it yourself.
  • Join gardening partnerships. Suburban real estate owners join communities whose privileges are organized security. Partnerships have the right to hire guards, in addition, there are cases when the members of the partnership themselves arranged duty to protect their own homes.

Protection of house / methods to protect your home from looters

Of course, the easiest way to ensure the safety of a home from looters is to install a video surveillance system, or cctv cameras to protect your home from theft, with the supply of data from the video to the security post. However, not every owner has the ability to purchase and provide quality service for such a system. I have collected several effective tips from experienced summer residents, which every owner can apply in the home for protection, regardless of the level of the structure and income.

Protection of House from theft
Protection of House from theft
  • Returning to the installation of the fence, remember that the higher the fence, the more difficult it is for an unprepared person to overcome it. The opinions of summer residents differ in the choice of a transparent or completely solid fence. Both solutions are logical: a high and opaque fence will hide your site from prying eyes, eliminating even the temptation to profit from something alien. But at the same time, if an attacker jumps over an opaque fence, the neighbours will no longer see him. From this point of view, the installation of the netting mesh is more logical and correct. The choice, of course, is for the owner of the site.
  • When protecting the entrance to the house, do not forget about the windows. The modern market offers a very extensive choice of grilles for windows, it will not be difficult to choose a security product that suits the stylistic execution of the facade. Lattices can even decorate a building. But remember that installing bars on the windows makes sense when using a reliable and safe door, the burglar will not mess with bars if it is easier to enter the house through the front door.
  • Window shutters are a good alternative to bars. The installation of strong metal shutters is able to protect the windows from thieves no worse than the lattice, and in the open state they will not be visible, they are removed upstairs like Roman blinds.
  • Take advantage of modern lighting. Install the house lighting, connect the control relay. Adjust the lighting so that it comes on at a specific time in the evening and off at night. Thus, you will create the illusion of the presence of people.
Protection of House from theft
Protection of House from theft: CCTV security camera
  • Cheating is not a bad way to mislead attackers. Make a sign in the printing house with the inscription: “The object is guarded by non-departmental security.” It probably won’t look too believable, but the sign will scare off some people who want to check its veracity. You can supplement the “scene” by installing dummy video cameras in the corners of the house or on the fence. And at the top of the window, or above the front door, place a single red LED and set the pulsating mode of operation.
  • If possible, visit the dacha in winter to create a sense of human presence. Smooth snow lying on the site with a carpet will ruin all your efforts to create an imitation of the presence of a person.

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Choosing a safe door for a Home

The central element of the security of the home from theft, is the choice of the entrance door. It is not difficult to choose a reliable door to protect your home from invasion, pay attention to the following criteria for choosing a door:

  • The choice of material for the door is not worth it: definitely a metal door and nothing else. A wooden door can be easily knocked off its hinges, kicked out or hacked down with an ax. A metal door is a reliable and durable option. When buying a door, pay attention to the thickness of the metal. In order for the door to fulfill its main task, the thickness should not be less than 2 mm.
Protection of House from theft
Protection of House from theft
  • In addition to strong material, self-respecting manufacturers of entrance metal doors equip products with additional security systems. This includes hidden hinges, reinforced platbands and anti-removable bushings. A mandatory criterion is the presence of several stiffeners installed in different directions.
  • Complete the door with locks correctly. The door must have at least two locks that differ in the type of locking and protection of house. Three locks are even better, the third will be a hidden latch that does not have an exit hole on the front of the door.

The protection of the home is the direct responsibility of the owner of the site. Do not neglect simple tips and tricks to protect your home from invasion, but do not forget about modern technical security products that perform a protective function reliably and confidently.

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