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Rat Facts- All You Need To Know About Rats

by Editorial Staff

From long Wrigley tales to being able to swim nearly a mile. Today on Pest Termites Control, we go through all you need to know about Rodent / Rat Facts. Rats haven’t always been the best topic to talk about, particularly because of the fact, that most people are afraid of them, and also Rats/Rodents spread diseases. But truth be told.

They’re not as bad as we tend to perceive them. Just like any other animal in the ecosystem, Rats have an important role to play, whether you’re trying to eradicate these rodents from your premises, or simply want to pet a rat.

Understanding them will help you a lot. Fully knowing the facts about Rats. Such as their,

  • Habitat
  • Behavior and
  • Food preference
  • rat species
  • different rats

will help you in your rodent control efforts, or making a pet out of one. With that in mind, here are some Rat facts that will help you deal with Rats / Rodents.

Rat Facts

Rats, originate from, Australia, and Asia. Over time, these animals were able to spread out all over the world. Now, Rats can be found in typically every continent. The true Rats are a member of the general, Rattus. Some of the main Rat Facts are as follows,

Rats Physical Characteristics

All types of rodents, are also referred to as rats, that’s simply because they share common characteristics including their physiological features. The physical characteristic are,

  1. Rats have a thin tail and are generally medium in size when compared to other rodents.
  2. Size of Rats: There are several species of rats, 60 different types of Rats to be specific, that means,
    • They come in all sizes, and different physical characteristics, but typically rats are about 5 inches long.
      • The largest rat species (Top of the Rat Facts) of different rats, The Bosavi Woolly Rat, was discovered in 2009, and was about 82 centimetres, that’s almost as large as a cat.
      • The Bosavi Woolly Rat weighed in at about 1.5 kilograms and doesn’t have a scientific name yet.
  3. Colour of Rats: Rats have a brown black or gray fur, covering their entire body, except for their, tail, ears, and feet.
  4. Their hearing is excellent.
  5. Their Eyes are, more or less, suited for a nocturnal environments.
  6. Teeth of Rats: Rats have 16 teeth the most prominent teeth are, the incisors, which are ever growing (Amazing Rat Facts),
    • The outer surface of the incisor is much harder, when compared to the inner surface, this makes them form a chisel like shape that’s quite effective.
    • Rats have to trim their teeths regularly to keep them at a manageable size. If they don’t their incisors will grow long, and curve into their mouth, making it difficult to eat.
    • All in all, when you combine the teeth, plus the powerful jaw muscles, rats are able to chew through almost anything, that includes, concrete, walls, and even lead pipes. It makes their teeth, the best way to defend themselves.
    • Rats chew everything around them, just to experiment, sadly humans can also be a part of this experiment. What you think about this Rat Facts? comment below!
rat facts

Rats Behaviour

As you already know, Rats are social animals, and will obviously live in a colony. Even, when they’re in your home, they will find a way to burrow, through the walls, and floor, to create a complex network similar to that of wild rabbits.

Colonies of Rats

These colonies are a way of protecting themselves from predators, and any impending dangers. A colony is basically a peaceful place, most researchers actually branded, as a safe haven for rats to procreate and coexist in peace.

  • The entrances to these colonies are very well hidden, and in most cases, can be found beneath, a rock, or under any thick vegetation.
  • One colony can consist of hundreds of rats of, different ages, and both sexes.
  • Due to a well established social hierarchy, there are rarely any fights within the community.
    • Rarely do Rats, that have grown together, have bad fights.
    • They, however, play a rough, but in humble fashion.
    • The only time that there might be a conflict in the colony is,
      • when a new male tries to join them, his status ,and sometimes his fate, will be determined by the first few encounters, he has with the colony.
      • Male newcomers, who have lost the fight for a place in the colony, either leave the community, or die. However their death, is not a result of the fight, on the contrary, the newcomer dies due to social stress.

Rat Diet or Food Preferences

The nutritional requirements of rats, tend to be similar, to that of humans. Rats are known,

  • For picking up, leftover meat from picnickers, and eating the entire remains, including the bones. That’s, because of their need for calcium and phosphorus in their diets.
  • Rats are able to eat anything, even things that humans consider far past be edible.
  • All in all, Rats actually prefer grains, and they can consume millions of tons every year.

General Rat Facts and Final Note

Without a doubt, Rats are capable of a lot. Even with their small, body, sizes,

  • They’re able to swim close to one mile.
  • They can go for 3 days without water.
  • They are capable of chewing through, concrete, walls. That makes them one of the most resilient little creatures to ever exist on earth.

Rats as Pet

Rat Facts, Rat as Pets

Rats are able to live up to 3 years, and they actually make it a good rat pet. However, you have to make sure you have

  • The right, rat accessories, toys for rats, and rat cage.
  • A large wire cage is a good option. Also, a tall cage with several platforms and ramps is ideal, If you’re planning to keep several rat.
  • In captivity, Rats eats, pelleted foods, and lots of water. You can also try feeding your pet Rat, small amounts of vegetables, and fruits.

We hope this article helps you alot, To know About Rat Facts, that you want to Know? Please let us know in comment box below!

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