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Rodents Infestation and Health Risks

by Editorial Staff

Here we will talk about rodents infestation and the effects these pests, can have on your health. If you’ve ever dealt with mice or rats in your home, you know it can be an unpleasant experience. What you may not realize is that rodents infestation can be dangerous to your health.You can also use our Three steps guide about, what to do if you have rodent infestation?

Here we will discuss about,

  • Threats of Rodents Infestation to Human Health.
  • Symptoms of illness from Rodents Infestation.
  • Treatments for Rodents Diseases.

Threats of Rodents Infestation to Human Health

When rodents storm our homes, Their feces can, contaminate food sources, trigger asthma, spread bacteria, and can cause allergic symptoms in humans. This is particularly concerning when you consider the way that rodents discharge feces from the body continually. So, their droppings can grow quickly.

Once these feces got dry, it can be dangerous to those who breathe it in. In addition, rodents can bring other pests including, mites, ticks, lice, fleas etc. inside of your home.

Type of Diseases Spread By Rats / Rodents

Most common rat disease spread are,

rodents infestation and diseases
  • Salmonella: which result in food poisoning, spread by rodents feces, when you eat food contaminated by rodents.
  • Rat Bite Fever: Rodents are also known to spread rat bite fever. A potentially fatal infectious disease, spread by infected rodents, or consumption of food contaminated by rodents.
  • Bubonic Plague: Rodents can spread, bubonic plague also known as black death. This is the deadly disease, in the Middle Ages that is notorious for killing one-third of population of the Europe. While plague is much more rare today, there are still many confirmed cases every year. Humans can contract plague when they’re bitten by fleas, that have fed on an infected rodent.
  • Hantavirus: Although rare, the deer mouse (a type of mouse), can also transmit hantavirus to humans. This potentially life threatening disease is spread to humans through, exposure, or inhaling infected rodent, feces, saliva or urine. Recently, 10 people fell ill, and 3 died, from exposure to deer mice that was infected with hantavirus, at Yosemite National Park. 

Symptoms of illness from Rodents Infestation.

If you suspect the rodent infestation in your home. It’s important to be on the look out for symptoms associated with illnesses, Rodents can cause. 

  • The symptoms of salmonella include
    • Fever
    • Diarrhea and,
    • Abdominal pain.
  • Rat bite fever symptoms usually occur three to ten days after exposure to an infected rodent and include,
    • Vomiting.
    • Fever
    • Headache.
    • Rash.
    • Muscle pain.
  • Bubonic plague symptoms: meanwhile can cause
    • Fever.
    • Headache and,
    • Painful swollen lymph nodes.
  • symptoms of hantavirus: include
    • Fatigue.
    • Fever and,
    • Muscle aches.
    • in most cases also experience, headaches, dizziness, chills, and abdominal problems.

Treatments for Rodents Disease

If you or anyone in your home display symptoms, or has health issues, associated with rodent infestations, Go to Doctor for Proper medical attention. Be sure to tell your doctor, if you have reasonable grouds to believe that you’ve come in contact with rodents / Rats or their droppings. 

Treatment for rodent borne illness varies depending on the illness and its severity. A doctor may take, a blood urine, or stool test, to confirm the illness.

  • Salmonella infections: usually resolve in five to seven days and often do not require treatment other than oral fluids to treat dehydration.
  • Rat Bite Fever and Bubonic Plague: usually treated with antibiotics, and in some cases intravenous fluids.
  • Hantavirus Infection: There is no particular cure or treatment for hantavirus infection, but patients often require intense care, where they’re placed on mechanical ventilation and given oxygen to help them through the period of severe respiratory distress. It is critically important, that anyone displaying symptoms of hantavirus, seek proper medical attention from your doctor.

Thanks for reading this article of health checks on health threats associated with rodents.

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