Garden and lawn treatment is an important step in caring for a vegetable garden, vegetation and fruit plantings. Without garden treatments / lawn treatment timely, the gardener risks not only the harvest, but also the garden itself, since Garden diseases progress very quickly, spreading to neighbouring plantings, and pests / birds can kill the crop in 2-3 seasons. you can read in more in our previous article about preventing crops from Birds. But it is not enough to know about the need for spraying, it is important to treat the garden correctly and in a timely manner. I will write about the calendar of seasonal garden treatment in today’s article That How you can do lawn care? How you can do lawn treatment? How you can do garden treatment?

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Garden / lawn treatment rules

Seasonal tree and garden treatment, lawn treatments
A man doing Seasonal tree and garden / lawn treatment

Before you start spraying your garden, you need to study the theoretical information. First of all, this concerns safety measures, experts / lawn care services companies do not recommend neglecting it. Protecting your health is a necessary measure, since far from always treating the garden will be carried out using folk methods, most often chemicals are used that can adversely affect human health. Compliance with the rules for garden / lawn treatment or lawn care means:

  • The use of a respirator to protect the mucous membrane from the ingress of chemicals. Wear clothes with long sleeves and pants, and tie a scarf over your head. Protect your eyes with glasses.
  • During the procedure, do not be distracted by smoking.
Seasonal tree and garden treatment, lawn treatments
A man spraying plants for Seasonal tree and garden / lawn treatment
  • To prepare lawn treatment solutions, use technical utensils that are not used in the kitchen and dining room. Purchase a spray bottle and containers separately , use them for processing only and store them in a back room.
  • The remaining solution must be disposed of. They cannot be drained into a compost pit or sewer; care must be taken to ensure that the disposal site is inaccessible to children and animals.
  • The optimal weather for gardening is dry and calm. Postpone the procedure if it is raining or windy outside.

Preparatory work for Garden treatment

Seasonal tree and garden treatment, lawn treatments
Seasonal tree and garden treatment

Before starting the green lawn care procedure, it is necessary to prepare the garden for processing. This stage is necessary to prevent the disease and spread the disease beyond one affected tree, to increase the efficiency of spraying, as well as to assess the condition of the garden and trees. Here are the step-by-step instructions for preparing the garden for spraying:

  1. Examine trees and bushes. If the tree is young and the shoots are fresh and flexible, examination is sufficient to detect signs of disease or pest infestation.
  2. If the seedlings are over 6 years old, remove the top layer of bark or lichens from the trunk with a special brush with metal bristles. This step is necessary in order to expose the places where insects can hide.
  3. Remove weeds from the trunk circle of each tree and shrub, remove fallen leaves, old mulch and unnecessary debris from the site .

Trees, lawn and garden treatment

Seasonal tree and garden treatment
A man spraying plants for Seasonal tree and garden / lawn treatment

There are several types of garden spraying, depending on the season, however, the goal of gardening is always the same: to get rid of diseases and insects, to improve the health of the plant. The choice of the processing time lies with the gardener, and depends on the goals pursued and the characteristics of the agricultural technology of a particular crop.

  • Spring garden treatment takes place in several stages. In early spring, spray your garden with diesel fuel to kill the larvae sleeping under the bark. Bordeaux liquid or copper sulphate solution is also suitable . Use a broad spectrum insecticide before flowering. During flowering, drugs aimed at preventing diseases are suitable. And after flowering, spray the garden with combined products to consolidate the result.
  • Summer garden treatment is called emergency. It is used in cases where the plant is sick or it is attacked by insects. Use products against specific pests or diseases.
Seasonal tree and garden treatment
Seasonal tree and garden treatment
  • Autumn gardening is no less important than spring treatment. If in the spring we eliminate the residual pests, then in the fall we lay the plant’s immunity. Preparing the garden for winter consists in visual inspection, physical removal of found insects, treatment of the garden for the prevention of pests / putrefactive diseases and spraying against pests wintering in the bark and near-trunk circle.
  • And finally, winter garden treatment. In winter, it is impossible to spray the garden, and it does not make sense. But in winter it is easier to spot damaged shoots due to the lack of foliage. Perform sanitary pruning of trees in a timely manner, and whitewash the trunks to protect against insects when a thaw occurs.

As you can see from the article, seasonal gardening takes a minimum of time. However, the guarantee of the effectiveness of the lawn treatment lies in the timeliness and regularity of the procedures.

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