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Things to know before buying an SSD disk

buying ssd disk guide

Date: 03.20.2023

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With the new generation of video games, the space of our computer or console can be greatly reduced. But that’s what hard drives are for and here we present the best options for your PC or console.

New times and new technologies that increasingly need more space. Among all the innovations are also video games, whose graphic boom makes them need more and more gigs of space.

This could be a problem if it were not for the hard drives. Today we are going to explain to you which are the best hard drives that you can get for your computer or console.

Before we start with that, we have to ask ourselves a few things about SSD hard drives.

Table of Contents

What is an SSD hard drive?

First of all, we will try to define the SSD type hard disk in the simplest and most summarized way possible. It is a storage system that saves the data of our computer on chips.

Its main difference from traditional hard drives (or HDD) is that it has no moving mechanical parts. That is, it is a type of data storage device that uses non-volatile memory. Concepts such as flash memory come in here, instead of plates or magnetic disks.

What are the main differences between HDD and SSD?

Due to their construction, there are a series of areas that make both devices very different:


The fact that it does not include mechanical elements in the manufacture means that it has less consumption. In addition, this lower consumption also implies less overheating, which can also be very important in the field of video games, since PCs and consoles have proven to get quite hot. Therefore our Buying a gaming PC: guide, tips, mistakes will help you making a decisions.

The capacity

ssd card

Currently there are still differences in this regard. HDDs tend to have higher capacity, but SDDs have better features (such as higher speed, lower noise, etc.). Generally speaking, SSDs range from 256GB to 4TB, while HDDs can range from 500GB to 10TB.


Again, with fewer mechanical parts, it makes less noise. In some cases an SSD hard disk has an almost imperceptible noise , surpassing the HDD, which will always create some sound.


In this regard, the SSD is twice as fast. For one, your data transfer is higher. While an HDD usually offers a speed of between 50 and 150 MB / s, the most basic SSD achieves a speed of between 200 and 550 MB / s. It is a great improvement over traditional models.

In addition, it is also faster when charging. Powering up the computer or console should be smoothed out with any extra hard drives, but with SSDs the times are lightened.

Strength and durability

SSD hard drives are often made to withstand drops. The housings of the USB-connected models are tough and take shocks with ease.

Crucial X6 Portable SSD

In terms of durability, both would last a similar number of years, but this also has to do with use. The more we install and uninstall something on an SSD, the more damage it will suffer over time.

The price

If a hard disk of type HDD and one of SSD have the same capacity, the SSD will always be more expensive. Its virtues, beyond its storage capacity, make SSDs have a higher price. Of course, there will always be better brands than others and these will have a variation in prices that can be significant.

Now we are going to talk about the hard drives themselves. We are going to differentiate them in type of hard disk, to make it easier to understand.

Internal hard drives in computers, for those without fear of opening machines

Computers, whether desktop or portable, always have a free connector to expand the memory of the computer. These connections are mainly three: the SATA, M2 and PCI-E connections. 

SATA connection

This is one of the most common connections that can be found on a computer. It is a connection between the motherboard and the hard disk that can be made through a suitable cable for it. As a detail, you can also find IDE ports, but they are only part of old computers and are currently almost in disuse.

The guide to buying an internal hard drive

Its assembly is not complicated, since it only needs to be connected to its proper port. They are one of the most common to find and there is a fairly wide selection of models. They always have a measurement of 2.5″ and that makes it easy to differentiate them from HDDs, with 3.5″.

If we are looking for something efficient and inexpensive, maybe we should look to the Western Digital brand. There are several options to choose from, but the one we liked the most is the WDS500G2B0A WD Blue model.

This SSD hard drive has a sequential speed of 560 MB / s and a storage of 500 GB. In addition, its technology makes it have a lower consumption than previous versions, thus being more efficient and ecological.

1. WDS500G2B0A WD Blue

This SATA-connected hard drive has a capacity of 500GB and a write speed of 560 MB/s. Western Digital takes its chest out with the low consumption of this SSD and lets us save files, programs or games safely and efficiently.

If you are interested, it can be found at the modest price of 63.70 euros. This is a good brand with a sufficient amount of space for your games. 

Western Digital WDS500G2B0A blue

Among the best that we can find would be the Samsung 860 EVO. It has a write speed of 520 MB/s, which makes it quite fast. There are several versions, from 250 GB of memory to 4 TB. 

This causes its price to vary, but the 500 GB Samsung 860 EVO can be found at a price that ranges between 65 and 80 euros. It is a good device that has a warranty of up to five years, which is appreciated.

2. SSD 860 EVO m-SATA 1TB


This solid state drive features NVMe format and V-NAND technology, providing sequential write speeds of up to 550MB per second.

Samsung 870 QVO analysis

If above is not enough for you, but you like the brand, we can also recommend the Samsung 870 QVO. We already analyzed it here and we found that, despite having only a three-year warranty (unlike the 860 EVO model), it had a great quality at a good price.

With a write rate of 560MB / s, its minimum storage is 1TB. Its connector is a SATA 6, but this is backward compatible with SATA 2 and 3, which should be valid in any computer of the last decade.

3. 870 QVO

870 QVO

It is a Samsung SSD disk, belonging to the QVO family of the 870 generation. It has a SATA 6 Gbps interface and achieves a sequential reading of up to 560 MB/s.

Its price is 93 euros. Less than a hundred euros for 1 TB of space is fine.

M.2 connection (NVMe)

If we want something smaller and more direct, we have SSDs with an M.2 connection. These connect directly to the motherboard, being parallel to it. Therefore, they do not protrude or hinder the other components. 

Corsair mp510

It should be noted that the M.2 ports are capable of providing power, so with a single port we have enough for the transmission of data and electrical current. These types of hard drives are made with notebooks clearly in mind.

In addition, they are much faster, having write rates that exceed 1,000 MB / s with some ease. Their reading speed can even triple this measure, making them the fastest alternative.

If we want to enjoy a good writing speed at a reasonable price, we have the Corsair MP510 SSD. It is a hard disk with an M.2 connection whose writing speed exceeds 2,000 MB/s.

1. Corsair MP510

Maximize your computer’s storage with this SSD hard drive with M.2 connection. It can reach more than 2,000 MB / s write and 3,480 MB / s read. Take advantage of its 5-year warranty to keep everything you want in its 480 GB of storage.

Corsair MP510

Its reading speed does not fall short either, reaching 3,480 MB / s. Its price varies according to the capacity we want. But in the gaming field, we consider that it is best to reach up to 480 GB of storage. In this case, it can be obtained for 80.40 euros.

Samsung 970 EVO plus

Although there are alternatives from brands like Samsung, which brings us a plus of quality. In this case we are talking about the Samsung 970 EVO Plus. An SSD disk whose write speed reaches 2,500 MB/s. It is one of the fastest hard drives on the list.

2. 970 EVO Plus

This NVMe-type SSD has V-NAND and PCIe x4 technology, so it has the maximum guarantees to reach the 4GB per second of sequential reading and writing that it promises.

970 EVO Plus

It will also make your programs and games work perfectly thanks to its 3,500 MB/s read speed. It can be found in various storage sizes, but it’s 500GB version is priced at 87 euros.

Crucial P2

If instead of speed, we give more importance to the storage capacity, maybe we will go for something like the Crucial P2. It is another M.2 SSD hard drive, but here everything that fits on it prevails.

Its read speed is somewhat lower than previously seen, with 2,500 MB/s. Do not be intimidated by this, because it is still an acceptable speed. Its writing speed remains at 1,900 MB / s, also faltering in this respect with respect to the competition.

3. P2

A read speed of 2,500 MB / s. Enjoy the quality of the Crucial brand and store everything you need in this SSD hard drive at a price made for everyone.


But where he takes his chest, as we have said, is in his capacity. Its 1TB version can be obtained for 82.99 euros. This gives us twice the capacity of previous brands, for the same price.

PCIe connection

The PCI-E (or PCI-Express) is another connector typical of computers that allow us to add improvements to our computer. This port is one of the ones with the highest bandwidth on our computer and is widely used for graphics cards, given its high transfer rate. Some of the M.2 drives mentioned above can connect to this port, improving their speed.

But it is a port that is being little used in the field of hard drives. This is mainly due to the arrival of M.2, which are less cumbersome, although they do not have the same data rate.

Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme

These hard drives are known as ultra-fast and it is that they reach speeds that leave the rest on the ground. Of course, there is also an interesting price increase.

Without going any further, one of the cheapest SSD drives with a PCI-E connection is the Sabrent Rocket. It is an economic model that can reach a writing speed of 2,500 MB/s, but its reading reaches double, 5,000 MB/s.

1. 500GB Rocket Q

With NVMe and PCIe Gen 3×4 form factor, this solid state drive offers blazing speed despite its price, set as low as possible compared to other alternatives.

500GB Rocket Q

Its smallest version is 500 GB and can cost 100 euros. It is a higher reading speed and this is the SSD that uses PCI-E 4.0 that we have found with better quality at a better price.


If before we have talked about the Corsair brand with the MP510 model, now we show you its older brother and with a PCI-E connection. This is the Corsair MP600.

This hard disk can reach a reading speed of 4,950 MB/s and a writing speed of 4,250 MB/s. As we already said, these disks are faster, having as only the need for that connection pays. 

2. Corsair MP600

One of the fastest SSD drives of the brand. Enjoy its read and write speed that exceeds 4,250 MB / s. A speed that will give you more time to enjoy, thanks to this hard drive connected to your PCI-E connection.

Corsair MP600

Its 1 TB version can be obtained for 178 euros. The price rises, but its capacity and quality are beyond doubt.  

Samsung SSD 980 Pro

To end this section, we will talk about the older brother of a model seen previously, the Samsung 980 Pro. This SSD hard drive surpasses the rest of the models seen in terms of price, but also in speed.

This SSD device can reach a whopping 7,000MB/s read speed. It eats out the competition in this regard thanks to its PCI-E 4.0 connector. In addition, it has the usual Samsung quality.

As we said, it is not cheap, as you can get it for 206 euros. It is a great cost, but if you want your games to go smoothly, this is the best possible option.

Internal hard drives in consoles Is it possible?

Yes it is. Although the consoles until now had used external hard drives to expand their capacity, it seems that it will change in the new generation of consoles.

Analysis PS5 Computerhoy

Hobby Consolas magazine echoed, when it told us that the PS5 will have the option of increasing its storage capacity thanks to its module with an M.2 connection. Until now, consoles could only do this with USB-connected external hard drives. But starting in the summer, that trend will change.

PS5 will allow you to use the M.2 module that you have under a plate on the side of the console. This will allow you to store new generation games, which you could not.

Currently you can only save games from the PS4 generation to external USB hard drives, but soon we will be able to do more than that and thus the memory of the Sony console will not fall short.

Any of the hard drives with an M.2 connection that we have recommended would be suitable for your games. So you will have no problem finding the best ones.

As for Xbox Series X, something similar has happened, but in another direction. While the Japanese brand has opted for M.2 connectors, Microsoft has gone to PCI-E connections. In his case it has also been done in a somewhat special way.

Ahn announced which will be the official ssd hard drive for Xbox series X, being the Seagate STJR1000400 for Xbox Series X. It is also known as the expansion card and we analyzed it with very good results .

Xbox Series expansion card

Xbox Series X and Series S expansion card, the only way to expand your console storage with the same speed and features as the internal SSD.

Xbox Series expansion card

It comes at a hefty price tag, but its speed and 1TB capacity felt worth it to us. It can be obtained for 229 euros and it deserves every penny it is worth.

External drives for PC and consoles

In this area we can find all SSD hard drives that work with a USB connector. There is a large market to choose from and you will find a wide variety of prices and stocks.

external hard drive

Although we warn you that, so far, in new generation consoles not all content can be stored on external hard drives. Unfortunately, the games, most importantly, cannot be stored other than in what we have commented previously.

Now, current generation consoles and Xbox One / PS4 generation content are easily storable. Of course, in computers we will also have the help of these hard drives if we want them.

Sandisk extreme pro

SanDisk proposes one of the most reliable options. With its Extreme model we will be sure since it is made to withstand impacts and resist the onslaught of the weather, without affecting your data in the least.

USB 3.1 Extreme Pro

This USB 3.1 pendrive offers speeds of up to 420 MB/s, something that makes it one of the fastest USB on the market today.

USB 3.1 Extreme Pro

It has a capacity of 1 TB and a read and write speed of 550 MB/s. It is a robust external hard drive that will be perfect for those who move the most, for a price of 151 euros.

Samsung t5

Samsung also offers good alternatives to expand the storage space of your devices. With the T5 model, it offers a 1TB capacity that will be perfect for gaming.

Its speed is slightly lower, with 540 MB/s read, but that will hardly be noticed when playing games. In addition, the quality of Samsung has been made clear throughout this report, so its 141 euros can ensure a good article.

Portable SSD T5

The Samsung T5 external SSD arrives as a compact size device with great transfer rates from USB-C ports up to 3.1 Gen 2. It promises transfers of up to 540 MB/s in capacities that can go up to 2TB Offer Samsung SSD T5

Portable SSD T5

Finally, if the speed of reading is what worries you the most, Crucial brings the X8 model. It is an external SSD disk with a USB 3.0 connector that has 1 TB of capacity.

So far it does not seem that there is anything new, but its speed is the key. This storage device can reach 1,050 MB/s read speed. It is about twice that of its competitors, at a very similar price.

X8 1 TB

After reading this report, surely you have already decided what you are looking for. Whether you have a PC or a console, in this list you have seen the best both inside and outside the device.

If what you want is to play some games quickly and reliably, you already have all the information at your fingertips.


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