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Top 5 Pest Control Methods

by Editorial Staff

Here are Top 5 Pest Control Methods because, Be it human, animal or plant pests are a major source of serious health threat. As the quote says, “Health is wealth”. So, to control the pests is extremely crucial for the human well-being and for the economy as well. There are a variety of pests such as flies, rats, fleas, termites and many more that needs to be controlled to get health of your home back. A variety of methods are available that can be implemented to reach the goal of controlled pest state.Such as getting rid of Termites.

Which method is best? How and when they should be implemented? and how Food industry can implement pest control methods?

Here is a brief overview of top pest control methods that will provide a guideline to choose the right one.

1. Hygiene Control: Pest Control Method

Maintaining good hygiene is the first line of defense against these pesky living creatures. If your residence is clean and tidy, there is no room for pests to grow and breed. Some of the good hygiene practices that can control pests are as follows:

  • Keep all the cupboards, floors and daily used items clean.
  • Wash dishes immediately after meals and discard the leftovers in the trash.
  • Don’t keep your food open and store it in close-fitting vessel.
  • Clean your washroom after use and don’t keep the seals of pipes, tanks and drainage system open.
  • Dispose off household trash on regular basis.Use natural fertilizers and minimize pesticides use.

2. Physical Control

This method involves keeping the pests away from their hosts by physical means. The job is done by using barriers or devices that will prevent the spread of pests. Some examples are given below:

  • Window screens are used to keep pests away from buildings.
  • To protect horticulture crops from cutworms floating row covers can be used.
  • Spraying the plant with water is an effective method to halt aphids and mites approach to plants.
  • Cardboard bands are wrapped around apple trees that trap moth larvae. It’s super easy to remove the cardboard and destroy it.

3. Organic Pest Control

This method is very effective in limiting the damage caused by small insects and animals such as rodents. The only natural way to specifically target this specie is to add poison in the bait. This poisoned bait helps to get rid of them while ensuring the safety of human and plants life. Apart from poisoned bait oil, soap, sprays can also be used. Though it’s very efficient method but a great care is needed to avoid any mess.

4. Biological Pest Control

Biological Pest Control method

Biological pest control is the natural way of using living organisms against pests. What makes this method more attractive and beneficial is the fact that it doesn’t leave any harmful impact on the surroundings.

The living organism used are the natural enemies of pests such as predators, pathogens and parasites that interfere with their breeding capability. This method is environmentally safe for human beings when compared to pesticides that pose serious health hazards. However, the correct use of appropriate pest enemy is necessary to get the desired effects.

5. Pesticides: Pest Control Method

Pesticides are the chemicals either natural or synthetic that are used against pests to kill them, stop their breeding or mating and other vital behaviors for their life cycle.

A variety of pesticides are available depending on their nature and the type of pest against which they can be used such as insecticides kill insects, herbicides kill plants and bactericides kill bacteria. To use pesticides as pest control method gives you most effective results.

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Further, it’s super easy to find them in housing and commercial properties. As every bright side has a dark side too. Pesticides too are hazardous causing the contamination of water, food and air and may be serious threat to the people health.

Please lets us know in comments if you have any other Pest Control Method in your mind.

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