Anal sex is dirty and it causes hemorrhoids. Condoms and lubricant are not essential for anal penetration. You cannot have an orgasm while being sodomized and men are often more willing than women… We take stock, with our sex therapist, on the received ideas on this sexual practice which is still sometimes taboo.

Following are the 10 misconceptions about anal sex and answers whether these misconceptions about sodomy are true or false.

Do we inevitably bleed during anal sex?

FALSE. A well performed sodomy / anal sex should not cause bleeding. The muscles of the anus (external sphincter and internal sphincter) must be sufficiently relaxed and the anus lubricated to allow penetration. The anal mucosa is fragile but if we follow these rules and the size of the penis is not too large there is no reason for it to bleed. If this is the case, we must stop the sodomy. Same thing in case of pain. A successful sodomy is painless.

Is Lubricant is essential for sodomy?

TRUE. It doesn’t matter which lubricant you choose, but you have to use one and don’t skimp on the quantity. A good amount of lubricant applied to the anus and inside the anal canal, but also abundantly on the penis facilitates penetration and sliding. The anal canal does not lubricate naturally and makeshift lubricants, such as saliva, have too fleeting an effect to avoid excessive friction on the mucosa. If the penetration is prolonged, do not hesitate to add lubricant during the report.

Condom is not necessary for anal sex?

FALSE. The condom is recommended for sodomy both to avoid an STI but also for reasons of hygiene and if you want to alternate with vaginal penetration or fellatio. Also, due to the proximity of the vagina, semen that flows out of the anus after ejaculation without a condom can enter it and cause pregnancy.

misconceptions about Anal sex is dirty, because of the presence of stool?

TRUE AND FALSE. Normally, there is no stool (excrement) in the rectum if you have recently had a complete defecation, do not feel like having a bowel movement, and you have not had a bowel movement. not constipated.

No need to go through an enema as do porn movie actresses even if it is possible that a few traces dirty the penis. These are the small inconveniences of the practice.

From a microbiological point of view, fecal germs will inevitably be present on the penis. It should therefore not be taken back into the mouth or the vagina. It is best to use a condom and remove it if you want to return to other practices after anal penetration.

Anal sex often causes hemorrhoids?

TRUE, in some people… Anal sex can trigger a hemorrhoid attack in people with hemorrhoidal disease. There is no way to avoid it but you can limit the risk by reducing the penetration to a few minutes, being relaxed and not skimping on the lubricant.

If we are too stressed, penetration cannot take place?

TRUE. If you are contracted or anxious the tone of the anal sphincters (the muscles that surround the anal canal) will be more contracted and penetration may be painful or impossible.
You must therefore be relaxed, confident and ideally control the penetration yourself rather than undergo it. The ideal, when you have little experience, is to ask your partner to lie on your back. We then squat gradually on the penis that we keep vertically.

With experience, other positions are possible for sodomy. Another method is to push (as if to defecate) while sitting on the penis, which also has the advantage of reducing the anorectal angle and avoiding certain deep pains that appear after a few cm of penetration.

You can’t have an orgasm with anal?

FALSE. The climax occurs in the brain. It is therefore possible to have orgasms from a wide variety of stimuli, including when you are sodomized. Some women need other associated stimulation, such as masturbation of the clitoris, but penetration alone may also be sufficient as long as the arousal is high. For many men, ejaculation is easier during anal penetration when the arousal is intense because the sensations are intensified.

The man can move from one orifice to another with his partner without risk?

FALSE. In porn movies where actors and actresses get an enema before anal scenes, this is not a problem but usually, it is better to use a condom that is removed (or changed) for vaginal penetration. Anal germs have nothing to do with the vagina. What is valid for the penis is also valid for the fingers.

Practiced too regularly, sodomy can deform the anus?

TRUE. Repeated anal practices, too prolonged or with too big penises or dildos can distort the sphincters of the anus. In the other cases, sodomy does not generate long-term problems.
However, if one suffers from hemorrhoids, anal fissures or other pathologies that weaken the mucous membranes, sodomy should be avoided. If you try anyway, you must respect the advice of good practice already indicated (relaxation, lubrication, control of penetration by the woman) and the appearance of pain must stop the practice.

Men are often more competitive than women?

TRUE. Men often fantasize about sodomy, a sign of abandonment of their partner or a feeling of transgression. For a woman, there can be many reasons not to want to be sodomized, or not to like the practice if you have already tried. Either for psychological reasons or for physical reasons.

Some women find the practice dirty, humiliating, degrading, unhygienic or even painful. It is sometimes assimilated to SM practices. However, many women fantasize a lot about sodomy. Many of them find sodomy exciting, pleasant, deliciously transgressive or want to try it out of curiosity. There is of course no reason to force yourself.

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