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What is an SEO agency?

by Editorial Staff

An SEO agency is a company that essentially manages the SEO of websites in order to improve the results of their content (pages, blog articles, product descriptions, etc.) on search engines (SERP) such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo and thus generate traffic.

It is primarily responsible for SEO, acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” which is a set of SEO techniques aimed at optimizing your web content to improve their ranking on search engines including Google principally.

The role of an SEO agency

The main missions of SEO agencies are the optimization of your website in order to increase its chances of ranking better according to the keywords and expressions related to your business.

Different SEO techniques are used for this purpose such as auditing and analyzing your site, developing a personalized SEO strategy as well as implementing it to help you achieve your business goals.

All of this has the ultimate goal of improving the visibility of your websitegenerating traffic, and increasing the conversion rate to ultimately maximize your sales.

Support its clients in their organic seo

Mastering the SEO of a website is not within everyone’s reach, especially if you are new to it. It is indeed a question of implementing techniques that require in- depth knowledge in the field. This is one of the reasons why an SEO agency is decisive in supporting you.

By using advanced seo tools as well as well-targeted strategies, a qualified SEO agency can boost your website’s ranking in the SERPs. It has a team of experts, SEO consultants and SEO partners who master the process of implementing the right keywordsstructure and contents.

In the end, you will end up with an all-in-one SEO service provider and will benefit from support in your organic seo with regular monitoring of completed results.

An SEO agency to create a website

SEO agency to create a website

With the advances made by website creation tools such as Wordpress, Wix or even Joomla, you can easily create your website in two steps, three movements, so why call on an SEO agency?

Like these software which offer you only predefined models or “templates” that you may need to customize, SEO agencies will be responsible for defining the structure of the site, the choice of pagesmenusmesh and of content for SEO purposes.

It will also take care of the study of keywords, the establishment of a content optimization and integration strategy, including the mobile and tablet adaptation (responsive) of your website.

In short, everything is reviewed to create the best possible structure for your organic seo.

An SEO agency improves your visibility

An SEO agency provides search engine optimization services thus helping your business improve its visibility on the social networks as well as on web. Therefore, SEO also consists in modifying the design as well as the various contents of your website to make it more attractive on Google mainly, the first search engine used.

To better understand this process, we offer 4 SEO strategies or levers to boost your visibility:

1. SEO

SEO agency improves your visibility

The SEO is a set of techniques digital marketing used to bring organic or organic traffic to your website. It also improves the positioning of your content on search engines by optimizing them.

We can then talk about an SEO strategy aimed at increasing the visibility of your site in the main results of Google.

However, this is not an exact science, hence the importance of calling on an SEO agency to effectively maneuver your organic seo.

2. Local SEO

The local SEO is a subsection of SEO which is to optimize the geographic component of your business so that it appears in the results of local searches.

In other words, local search is more specific to the location of a business compared to a standard Google search.

It is just as important to use the services of SEO agencies to take care of your local SEO in order to improve the “pedestrian” traffic of your premises.

3. SEO content creation

SEO content creation

Content generally refers to what you offer to read on your website in the form of pages, product descriptions, or blog posts. The reason for wanting to create SEO content is simple: without it, it would be almost impossible to position your website on search engines.

We are therefore talking about content marketing which is a formidable strategy to attract and retain your target audience by creating and distributing high quality SEO content.

The objective being to attract as much traffic as possible to your website, an SEO web agency will take care of the generation of keywords on which you want to position yourself and integrate them into your content.

It will also take responsibility for ensuring how often new SEO content should be published on your site as this is an important element taken into account by search engines.

4. Netlinking

The Netlinking is a generation strategy of external links (link building) that link to your website. If properly executed, these links also known as “backlinks” are powerful clues in the eyes of search engines.

Indeed, the engines prefer well-known sites in their first results. When other sites link to yours, it is like an indication that the content on your website is valuable, and therefore Google is pushing it up in its results.

Therefore, the goal of this strategy is to gain popularity and generate traffic. However, it is strongly recommended to use the services of an SEO agency for your Netlinking because on the one hand, it is a job that requires a lot of rigor and requires time, and on the other hand, if your campaigns are incorrectly done, your website risks to be severely penalized.

An SEO agency audits your existing website

The objective of an SEO audit is to determine the blocking points of a website in its organic seo. The process is to list them, and define the actions to prioritize to improve the overall appearance of your site, and make the necessary corrections.

The SEO audit will reveal points such as:

  • Poor existing SEO techniques;
  • “On-Page” & “Off-page” SEO problems;
  • Problems in terms of user experience (UX), ergonomics, navigation, non-responsive site, etc.;
  • Editorial problems related to content;
  • The loading speed of the site;
  • An analysis of the competition;

An experienced SEO agency will accompany you step by step during this technical examination. Solutions will possibly be formulated to you to improve the general seo of your site and to establish a more pleasant navigation there for your visitors.

An SEO agency supports you in redesigning your website

If you plan to update your site with a view to carrying out a complete overhaul of it in order to give it a facelift in its graphics, its menus, or even to change technology… then a SEO agency can also accompany you in this perilous process.

Having to redesign a website is common in a site’s lifecycle: a redesign often essential to follow new trends in terms of UX and UI, correct, improve and not be left behind by your competitors.

This work must be carried out by a professional at the risk of breaking the existing seo of your site especially if it represents a source of significant traffic.

It is therefore strongly recommended to call on the expertise of an SEO agency who will support you in your digital project to redesign and update your website, often after having carried out the audit of the latter and have established a migration plan and an SEO strategy in parallel.

An SEO agency watches over and monitors your site on a daily basis

An SEO agency uses the various statistics of its clients’ websites to increase their conversion rate.

An SEO agency uses the various statistics of its clients' websites to increase their conversion rate.

Although improving rankings and website traffic on a daily basis is the main mission of an SEO agency, this SEO expert does not stop there.

It also has the role of regularly monitoring and analyzing the statistics of your site in order to possibly suggest and make corrections to always gain in efficiency.

Tracking parameters are also taken into account such as the total time spent on the website, the increase in the number of pages visited as well as other indicators, such as setting goals to quantify conversions.

All this set of tasks is carried out every day by an SEO agency always in the increase your turnover.

How to choose your SEO agency?

Have you planned to pair your company with an SEO agency? Very good choice! However, it should be noted that this step can turn into a real headache given the saturated market of SEO companies in world, and sometimes who claim to be experts without really being so.

Our following tips cover the main factors to consider before choosing an SEO agency:

  • Learn About Their Process
    There is an art behind best practices and SEO is no exception. Make sure that it offers you a detailed process in their services such as in- depth keyword research, a complete SEO audit, their Netlinking services, the creation of SEO optimized content as well as regular monitoring and reporting for support full.
    It must also be able to offer you other seo solutions, in particular SEA (paid seo: Google Ads, Bing Ads etc.), an often necessary complement in the acquisition of qualified leads. A competent professional must therefore follow the right techniques on organic seo on a daily basis.
  • The budget
    Using a referral agency is a significant investment for your business. Therefore, it is just as important to make sure that the budget it offers is suited to your needs.
    Do not hesitate to ask questions about how the costs of the agency work over a given period. SEO being a practice that is measured over time, it can also be a slow burner so be careful!
  • Ask questions about the latest advances in SEO terms
    If an SEO agency is getting ahead of the latest marketing trends and developments in its sector, it is often a warning sign! An SEO agency worth its salt should constantly be on the lookout for advancements in SEO in order to keep pace with the latest updates in search engine algorithms.
    It then becomes important to choose an SEO agency that understands this movement. So be sure to check their blog as well as their social media to see if the business is up to date.
  • Check Their References
    A good SEO agency should be able to provide you with a list of clients they have worked with with supporting results. These references will allow you to assess the efficiency and authenticity of the company.
    Also consider doing research on your competitors to gain insight into their positioning in the competition.

Why use an SEO agency to optimize your SEO?

Why use an SEO agency to optimize your SEO?

With digital technology steadily gaining traction in the majority of existing markets, it has become increasingly important for businesses to master the latest marketing tactics and strategies to keep growing.

It is thus a fact that if you want your business to rank well on search engines like Google, you will need to hire an SEO agency and experienced SEO consultants.

Although as mentioned, SEO is not an exact science, hiring an expert SEO web agency will get you results.

Using an SEO agency for your SEO optimization has many advantages such as:

  1. Save time Using an SEO agency will save you a lot of time and allow you to stay focused on your business and therefore on what you do best.
  2. Guaranteed return on investment
    SEO can only be profitable if it is consistent. Trust qualified SEO experts to use proven SEO techniques to get real results.
  3. High quality web content
    SEO agency experts will make sure to implement quality web content on your website not only to adhere to Google’s algorithms but also to improve the user experience.
  4. More visibility & enhanced notoriety
    A properly optimized website is an excellent indicator for search engines. In return, expect your visibility on the web to be boosted and, at the same time, your brand awareness to be strengthened.

    An SEO agency will take care of these missions and ensure that the results are there.
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