Almost every gardener grows strawberries at their garden. It is understandable, the tasty and juicy berry is loved by many. I associate strawberries with the beginning of summer. But in order to feast on sweet fruits every season, you need to properly care for the seedlings, provide them with protection from diseases and insects, bugs in strawberries, pests of strawberries.

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Types of pests of strawberries, bugs in strawberries!

Garden strawberry (strawberry) is a delicate crop that suffers from bugs infestations more than other plantings. To know how to process the seedlings, you must first determine which pests have settled in the garden. Consider the main pests of strawberries. Following are the most common bugs in strawberries;

  • Nematoda pest of strawberries, is a representative of roundworms. They are small in size, up to 1 mm long. They live in strawberry leaves and buds. The presence of this pest of strawberry is indicated by shortened cuttings curled into a tube and yellowed leaves, characteristic thickenings on the stem. A strawberry bush affected by a nematode stops bearing fruit, or the fruits grow small and deformed.
  • The strawberry mite, strawberry insect is a light yellow strawberry insect that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The tick lives on the young antennae of the plant, reproduces in damp weather. The leaves of the bushes affected by the mite darken and deform, the berries stop growing.
pests of strawberries
Diseases and pests of strawberries: bugs in strawberries, strawberry insects
  • The spider mite strawberry plant pest, unlike the previous bugs in strawberries, does not directly damage plantings. He does not eat leaves and fruits. The insect envelops the leaves of the plant with cobwebs, equipping a house for itself. Because of this, the process of photosynthesis is disrupted, and the plant dies.
  • Earthy and strawberry-raspberry weevils are strawberry insects that winter in the upper layers of the soil around planted strawberries. In the spring, they gnaw the leaves of the seedling, lay eggs in the buds. Even the larvae of weevils are capable of causing irreparable harm to the culture.
  • aphids on strawberries, settle on shoots, leaves, buds and even strawberries. In large numbers, aphids in strawberry fruit, can destroy the entire crop. In a cold and humid summer, it is extremely difficult to rid the garden of this pests of strawberry.

Frequent diseases of strawberries

Diseases of a garden culture are capable of causing no less harm than pests. Most often, there are several types of diseases.

pests of strawberries
Diseases and pests of strawberries: strawberry powdery mildew
  • strawberry powdery mildew is a fungal disease in which the leaves are covered with a white bloom, bend up and begin to rot. The strawberry powdery mildew disease affects seedlings during any growing season. The berries of a diseased plant acquire a characteristic aroma.
  • The most common disease of this plant – strawberry spot – is expressed in the appearance of brown spots on the leaves. Gradually, the spots turn white with a red rim, the leaves fall off, the plant dies. The disease is fungal in nature.
  • Gray and black rot of strawberry are similar diseases caused by fungal pathogens during cold, humid summers. The disease affects the fruits, gray soft spots appear on them, as a result of which the berry rots. In the case of black rot, the plaque becomes dark, almost black.

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The main secret of pest and disease control of garden strawberries is correct diagnosis and timely identification of the problem.

Spraying young leaves with best insecticide for strawberries, a solution of colloidal sulphur or Karbofos helps to successfully cope with different types of strawberry mites (bugs in strawberries). If the problem is discovered late, and there are many mites, strawberry insects, it will be possible to get rid of them only by burning the infected bushes.

pests of strawberries
Treatment of Diseases and pests of strawberries: bugs in strawberries, strawberry insects

To protect the bushes from aphids on strawberries, spray the seedlings with a 6% solution of laundry soap.

Most diseases of strawberries cannot be cured, the affected bushes can only be removed from the ground and burned. As a rule, treating strawberries from diseases and pests helps to slow down the disease and drive away strawberry insects.

But many diseases of strawberries are not amenable to treatment, the affected bushes can only be removed from the ground and burned. Therefore, in the struggle for the harvest, it is better to follow a number of preventive measures:

  1. Purchase seedlings from proven nurseries. Opt for purebred species that are resistant to berry rot.
  2. Plant different varieties 1.5-2 meters apart, do not thicken the planting in the same row. Plants must receive air and sunlight.
  3. Change landing sites – no more than 5 years in one place. This will help prevent a fungal outbreak.
  4. Disinfecting the soil and removing weeds is an important measure to preserve the crop.
  5. Plant insect repellent herbs. Mow strawberries in fall to avoid insects overwintering in outlets.
  6. use best insecticide for strawberries to get rid of bugs in strawberries, strawberry insects

If you follow these simple precautions, insects and diseases are not terrible for your garden. And the summer will begin with the bright and juicy fruits of your favorite strawberries!

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