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Unlocking Success: The Golden Rules of Organic SEO for Peak Performance

by Editorial Staff

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Do you want to increase the visibility and traffic of your website without going through paid advertising? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) brings together a set of practices that help you improve the ranking of your site in the organic results of search engines.

The  SEO is the key to visibility on the web. Subject to rules and codes, however, it is neither fixed nor an exact science. It is a daily job, including the study of your market, your products, but also that of your competitors.

  • Who does what, what, how, a precise watch is necessary.
  • Attending dedicated events is necessary in order to exchange views with peers and find out what is new.
  • Finally, testing many tools is particularly useful for testing keywords and setting up an effective SEO strategy .

Google’s algorithms change frequently, and if we cannot keep up with the constant evolution, there are information sites and tools for training in SEO and SEA.

Let’s start with this distinction

  • SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, it is about organic seo. It requires more time and in-depth work in terms of content and keywords.
  • SEA is Search Engine Advertising. This is paid backlinking with keyword purchases on Adwords.

Let’s see how to optimize your website in order to improve its organic seo?

SEA or SEO for the visibility of my company’s website?

Many companies are wondering whether it is better to bet on organic seo or on paid seo to obtain the best visibility online. Well the answer is clear: both. While SEO specialists and their SEA counterparts might tell you otherwise, the two methods work together in any successful traffic acquisition strategy.

So, to answer the question “why should you opt for SEO and SEA simultaneously?” », We interviewed the web agency VCOMK in Nice which counts among its staff paid backlinking experts and organic seo experts.

Short-term traffic acquisition strategy and long-term traffic acquisition strategy

“SEA is part of an immediate traffic acquisition strategy for your website. On the other hand, SEO takes a long time to produce its effects, but once tangible they generate regular and lasting traffic. Thus, integrating SEA and SEO strategies allows you to optimize your ROI in a short-term and long-term acquisition process. »Explains Katia RASORI, co-founder of the agency.

seo vs sea
Green Highlight = SEA and Red Highlight = SEO

Indeed, the SEA gives your new web pages instant visibility during the campaign. By simultaneously working on SEO, these same web pages organicly position themselves in the search results. In other words, the more effort you put into SEO and gain seats, the more you will reduce your spending on Ads in the medium and long term.

Keyword research: the sinews of war in SEA and SEO

Good visibility on the web is the result of a strategy whose bases are based on user queries (search intent). To achieve this goal, semantic analysis is essential in both paid and organic SEO.

One of the winning methods is to use SEA to bid on the most competitive keywords, and to prioritise optimisations on long tail keyword phrases (i.e. keywords with more precise and less competitive intent) thanks to the SEO.

“When the technique is well established and SEO efforts produce good results on increasingly coveted requests, this distribution adjusts regularly. The bids will be lowered on one side and increased on less expensive keywords. This is the best way to maximise the number of qualitative, and therefore targeted, visits to your site while controlling your budget. », Specifies Weimiao, SEA expert at the VCOMK agency.

Semantic optimisation of the content of your website pages

As you will understand, producing quality textual content is one of the fundamental conditions for positioning itself among the first results of Google. This textual content goes through an in-depth study of the keywords on which it is wise for your company to position itself.

And good news: the results of this analysis benefit both strategies. Just like the user experience, semantically enriching the content of pages promoted via paid campaigns will work in favour of the quality score of your ads, and therefore their cost.

Often mistakenly viewed as separate acquisition techniques, SEO and SEA do more than complement each other. Con-substantial, they propel each other!

Where to find information on SEO and SEA

Here are the 10 favourite sites of SEOs to train

  • CyberSeo: Free Seo Tools and Seo Courses
  • The official Google blog for Webmasters: All the news from Google live
  • Search Engine Journal (in English): the site is more specifically dedicated to agencies
  • Search Engine Land: A lot of information about the various search engines, not just Google.
  • Search Engine Round-table: very comprehensive, contains many tools and resources
  • Search Engine Watch: covers all topics related to SEO, SEA, social media, and related advertising.
  • Moz: it is a site that offers free and paid tools to monitor and improve its SEO.
  • Semrush.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Facebook SEO and SEA Community Groups.

The importance of Seo today?

Currently, online advertising costs a little more every day. Bing Ads and Google Ads are based on an auction system, working your organic seo represents the ideal alternative to remain visible on the web.

importance of SEO organic referencing today

Google Ads or SEO: how to choose the right lever?

The web is a very fluctuating universe in which companies must daily redouble their efforts to remain visible to their targets. Advertising is more expensive today, many rely on organic seo to reach thousands of potential customers.

When you want to promote your business on the web, it is essential to adopt the best strategy. Some will sell you the merits of SEO while others will tell you about Google Ads. It is not always easy to see clearly between these two solutions and to know what will be the most relevant and the most effective for your business.

Become an SEO pro

SEO or organic seo is often portrayed as an essential but tedious step in the growth of a business. But is this really the case?

The key stages of SEO

Any strategy has complementary stages to each other. SEO is no exception to this rule.

  • Technical aspect of the site: a poorly structured site full of technical faults will undoubtedly have more difficulty positioning itself correctly than a site that is technically flawless. It is therefore essential to work on this point.
  • Editorial content: a site therefore the content is poor will not be able to go up with difficulty on the desired requests. Indeed, the choice of keywords on which you want to position yourself is essential. Likewise, the number of articles, the quality of the writing, the length of the articles and the relevance of the content are all points that must be worked on.
  • Netlinking strategy: the last essential step in organic seo, netlinking. Be careful not to focus only on the number of links pointing to your site but also and especially on the quality of your links. Also, don’t forget that your internal networking plays a role in this strategy.

Why choose organic seo?

SEO remains the best option for companies that do not want to invest a large budget for their SEO. Indeed, except if you opt for a delegation of the writing of your articles or for the purchase of links (normally prohibited by Google but still very widespread!), SEO will not cost you anything. With organic seo and at the cost of a little patience, you will get good results.

SEO or Google Ads

Understand everything about Google Ads

Another alternative strategy to SEO: buying a position through Google Ads.

Google Ads in a nutshell

The principle is simple: you pay for Google to highlight you on certain keywords that you have defined. The price varies considerably depending on the competition and the demand for the chosen keyword. This way, each time your keyword is typed in by someone on Google, your site will appear in the first line before the organic results, even if the latter have done their SEO well.

Understanding the auction system

Google Ads and Bing Ads are internet advertising programs. They are a good way to run advertising campaigns using effective and simple ads. These Adwords ads are presented to visitors seeking information on services / products related to your activity or business. Their principle of operation is based on a keyword auction system.

Advertisers must increase bids in order to appear on the first page of search results using the keywords used in their advertising program. You are aware of the cost per click (CPC) range and it is up to you to define the maximum for you according to your budget and your campaign. Note that the CPC has a direct link with the competition on the keywords of your ad as well as on your targeting. The fact is that today, the costs of acquiring keywords on Adwords are exploding.

Why choose Google Ads?

This is undoubtedly the strategy to adopt if you want to obtain a quick result. It will still be necessary to keep in mind that a certain budget will have to be foreseen. You will therefore have to choose the keywords on which you want to position yourself. This is a solution that sometimes requires working with an agency specializing in Google Ads to put the odds in your favor.

Do you really have to choose between SEO and Google Ads?

We often like to make choices, but when it comes to SEO it is better not to put your eggs in the same basket. We have seen previously that SEO was an effective long-term but inexpensive strategy, while Google Ads, on the contrary, allows rapid results but which will cost you more.

The best strategy is therefore surely to combine the two for optimal and complete backlinking.

Good SEO is good for your business

SEO is an inexpensive way to increase your presence and your sales. Indeed, the positioning of your site on the results pages of search engines greatly influences your visibility. In the all digital era, SEO has become the first acquisition lever for companies on the web. However, appearing on the first page of internet users’ search results takes a lot of work.

Benefits of organic SEO

Every business today needs a website to promote itself. But in addition to owning a website, it is necessary to set up a good organic Seo or SEO strategy or pillar content seo strategy for it. Objective: to position your business site well for targeted queries on search engines. Here we offer you the basics of what you need to know about SEO.

Natural link building or SEO: sustainable positioning for your site

Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of methods aimed at better positioning a website among the results displayed by search engines in response to requests. It allows Internet users to be directed organicly to a site whose themes are similar to the terms entered on a request.

But for this to happen, there are obviously rules to follow! Use of keywords, insertions of various HTML tags, addition of internal or external links in texts, etc. Given the subtlety of SEO rules, it is therefore advisable to seek professionals.

Benefits of organic referencing SEO

On the other hand, it is important to distinguish organic seo from paid seo.

  • Natural seo consists of positioning a page according to principles determined by search engine algorithms. The results we get are then lasting, since organic links from your site will appear on the SERPs (results pages) thanks to the quality of your content.
  • In contrast, in the case of paid search (SEA), it is more about sponsored links that are displayed at the top of the results pages according to the keywords purchased. These links then disappear from the first positions as soon as you stop paying.

SEO Natural, what are the benefits for your business?

The main advantage of SEO is to bring visibility to businesses. SEO-optimized content allows your site to be present in an ideal position for people looking for products / services / information related to your activities.

Your customer base is therefore extended, and your income has a good chance of growing. Imagine that you are at the head of a company in Toulouse which specializes in construction. If you want the people of Toulouse to ask you to build their house, you will need to work on a good local SEO strategy around the keyword “construction house Toulouse”. It is therefore by targeting the right keywords that we manage to take advantage of SEO.

Another advantage of successful SEO is its economic aspect. While for SEA, you will spend large sums for one-off results, SEO is for the long term. You invest today, and enjoy the fruits of the optimization work done forever. Of course, a combination of SEO and SEA would be the perfect solution to get your business off the ground quickly and stabilize it in the medium term.

Choosing a good SEO agency for your SEO

Within an SEO agency, you will deal with professionals who will take care of the SEO optimization of the content of your site, after having possibly taken care of the writing. This is why the experience of these SEO professionals will be an important criterion of choice.

In addition, before choosing an agency to improve the presence of your site among the results offered by search engines, ask for quotes from several structures. You will then choose the one that provides for your business the most complete SEO strategy, and at which the relevant keywords identified are the most in line with your needs.

Conquering new customers thanks to organic Seo

When you create a website, you quickly become interested in its visibility. What good is having a site if no one can find it on the search engines. That’s the whole issue of organic Seo!

Did you know ? 93% of French people say they use Google often  (IFOP study)!

These statistical data demonstrate the importance of organic Seo (or SEO: Search Engine Optimization).

But to convert internet searches into conversions, you have to meet the needs of internet users and position yourself on the right queries. Creating engaging content is a first step, but there are many other points that should grab your attention.

Indeed, SEO is a complex field and it requires advanced skills. There are dozens of technical criteria to optimize your presence (eg SEO optimized web hosting ). Depending on the situation, it is therefore sometimes useful to start by having a organic Seo audit carried out in order to measure the current state of the site and to obtain precise recommendations.

Targeting information searches

Many websites narrow their targeting to their business name and short queries such as “insurance”, “Sunglasses” etc. However, there is much more to do when it comes to SEO content .

In this sense, Blue Nile Research research is very interesting, since it shows that 27% of internet searches have question terms (who / what / when / why / where), which essentially proves that internet searches are starting to become more complex.

importance of SEO in driving customer

Relative to the number of average terms in a query, 49% of searches have two or three terms, and 48% have more than three terms in the same query.

This means that your targeting can become more complex in a search query of 3-5 terms.

To attract new customers, you have to target this new trend to be able to reach Internet users who have never heard of your website or your business (but who are interested in your field of activity).

Reach internet users when they are looking for information

Internet users use search engines for a precise search, an intention.

Take the example of an optician looking to sell sunglasses online. It is better to reach Internet users when they are looking for sunglasses and therefore position themselves correctly on Google, rather than interrupting their favorite video on Youtube to show them an advertising video!

But we can also reach the user before he has decided to make his purchase. For example when he wonders how to choose glasses that are more resistant to the sun’s rays.

In this sense, SEO is a very important competitive asset that can generate sales or very qualified leads.

Link each web page to a search intent

Good SEO targeting means that each of your web pages responds to a search intention, linked to your marketing objectives.

To take the example of sunglasses, it will be good to categorize each type of product on different pages and to provide long and detailed texts in order to position yourself on a maximum of search intent.

Of course, your first goal should always be to educate Internet users with quality content, which can get their attention to your products.

Your target audience looks for information on the internet before purchasing any products or services. In order to convert these searches into conversions, you must offer really useful content that will strengthen the authority of your site on a given theme and therefore its positioning in the search engines.

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What is the link between SEO and e-reputation?

To succeed in establishing itself and to last over time, a company must have good visibility. But it’s one thing to make a brand known and quite another to make it remember in a positive way. Reputation is therefore also a lever for success for any company that aims for continuous development. What is e-reputation and how does it relate to SEO? We talk about it in this guide.

link between SEO and e-reputation

What is e-reputation?

E-reputation refers to the reputation of a brand or a company on the web. It varies and evolves according to the content visible on the web about the company. Like classic fame, an entity’s e-reputation can be good or bad. It all depends on the image that it sends to Internet users and the way in which he interacts with his customers on a daily basis. According to the advice of UpKeen, an expert in managing the image of companies on the web, an e-reputation is maintained in part through thoughtful advertising, and above all through relevant and respectful responses to the sometimes unpleasant comments of Internet users.

What is the impact of SEO on online reputation?

SEO is the set of methods used to provide better visibility to websites on search engines, like Google. The better a site ranks in the results, the more prominent it is. We can therefore say that SEO is a first step towards e-reputation. In other words, it is around the presence of a website in the first suggestions of search engines that its e-reputation will be built.

Concretely, with SEO, an entity works on its visibility on the web, but it can also control or improve its image with Internet users. The goal here is to implement SEO actions aimed at raising content that reflects a positive image of the entity in search results. These actions can be:

  • On-page SEO optimization to improve the positioning of the entity’s website and highlight certain key content;
  • The dissemination of positive content about the company on external sites with strong authority, with a good netlinking strategy;
  • The use of social networks to strengthen proximity with customers …

At the same time, actions are being carried out in parallel to ensure that mixed reviews and negative content are relegated far enough in the SERPs.

Some ideas to have a good reputation online thanks to SEO

To have a good reputation online thanks to SEO, it is advisable to call on an agency specializing in SEO and e-reputation. This will support the creation and dissemination of original and positive content on your web platforms. In addition to that, she will give you advice on the polite formulas to use in your professional emails and on how to respond to negative comments to maintain a good image … Such an agency will also help you take the right actions. in order to regain control of your online reputation if it starts to capsize.

What to remember? SEO is at the service of e-reputation in order to improve it. When a business has a good reputation online, it earns the trust of its virtual community, customers and prospects.

SEO or local SEO: definition and advantages

Digital tends to bring people together. This apparent paradox is not one: every day, the Internet allows users to discover businesses they did not know, located within a few hundred meters of their home. Every day, consumers push the door of shops or providers unearthed by surfing on Google. The web as a facilitator of local commerce? This is what local SEO allows, a facet of SEO that SMEs have every interest in appropriating!

SEO or local referencing

Local SEO: a commercial asset for VSEs and SMEs

Because they are more local than national, SMEs have everything to gain from working on their visibility in a given geographical area. The reason is simple: not only do 4 out of 5 Internet users now use search engines to find a product or service near them, but they are also 88% to take action after this search by contacting the website. company concerned.

Indeed: SEO is a means whose purpose is not only national or international. At a time when more than 25% of queries on Google are local in nature, small and medium businesses need to be visible to consumers in their immediate vicinity.

This is what local backlinking allows: giving oneself the maximum chance of being found by an Internet user who will type keywords on Google with geographic precision (for example “bakery + city”) or geolocate them. businesses that are located in the vicinity. Local SEO makes it possible to position oneself on the web in such a way as to be seen by potential customers around – a crucial asset for VSEs and SMEs.

The advantages of localised SEO

Via Google My Business, a company will thus be able to position its web pages in the first local results on Google. But local SEO offers other advantages than just visibility:

  • It provides concrete and precise information on the company for customers (contact details, opening hours, etc.);
  • It indicates the location of the SME on Google Maps and allows, by means of geolocation, to trace a route to it;
  • It provides information on the services and products offered;
  • It displays customer ratings and reviews.

So many indications that may be of interest to a nearby user. Above all, local SEO is a great lever for acquiring qualified traffic: an Internet user who types “plumber + city” on Google is closer to the act of purchase than a passer-by who sees an advertising display in the street. It is therefore about a “hot” prospect likely to very quickly become a potential customer.

SEO locally: a work of goldsmith

Why call on a web marketing agency for its local SEO? Because it is not enough to connect to Google My Business and fill in the requested information to benefit from an optimal positioning. Local SEO remains SEO, and requires playing with many levers in order to achieve a convincing result (take a look at this page to learn more about organic seo as a whole).

These levers include:

  • The relevance of data: Google is still Google, and its primary goal remains to provide relevant information to its users. So the more accurate and up-to-date information an SME provides, the better able the search engine will be to index the page and provide it in response to user requests.
  • Popularity: this essential aspect of SEO is found in local SEO. The more popular a business / brand, the better it will rank in local results.
  • Coherence: who says multi-channel strategy, says risks of inconsistencies. A locally referenced SME must ensure the consistency of its information across all acquisition channels, and therefore update its data as soon as possible. A user who travels after his research to discover that the store is closed, while his local page on Google indicated that it would be open, it is a lost customer!
  • The technique: you have to respect a certain number of technical rules and it is especially crucial to choose your SEO optimised hosting because this can have a significant impact!

In summary, if it is crucial for an SME to work on its local SEO, it is just as important to take advice from an SEO specialist in order to obtain optimal positioning!

Ways To to sustainably improve your SEO

Google analyses the content of your site and uses all the visible information as well as the source code of your site to rank you according to the relevance of the search of people in the search engine. It is therefore essential to properly optimise the content of its pages using the following methods.

1. Adapt your site to the requirements of search engines

In order to allow search engine algorithms to fully understand the structure of your site and what you want to highlight, consider:

  • Integrate the right information into your urls,
  • Take care of your tags (Title, meta tag, h1, h2 …)
  • Name your images

To optimize your urls and tags, use generic keywords and long tail keywords. The first describe the theme or the context of your content, the second consist of groups of words that form relevant sentences that will drain less volume of traffic but on a more targeted and less competitive search. It is very useful for very specific queries, and in particular for voice searches.

Following are the key points to note for Best Seo of your Website,

  • Optimise the loading time of your web pages; Beyond 4 seconds spent waiting for a page to load, the Internet user leaves the site. To avoid unnecessary waste, be sure to design pages that load quickly. For this, you can use the “Test my site” tool.
  • Think “mobile-first”; With the “Mobile-first” index, Google places the mobile version of a site as the reference version for its rankings in the SERPs. It is therefore essential to design a Responsive Design site that adapts to all media: desktop, tablet, mobile.
  • Take care of your editorial content; Consider writing unique and quality content with a minimum of 300 words so as to cover a rich and relevant semantic field around your main keyword.
  • Develop your internal and external links; A good link strategy to boost your SEO positioning. Choose backlinks (external links) to reliable and quality sites. And integrate internal links allowing the engines to fully understand what strategic content you want to promote.
  • Deploy your web pages on social networks; Whatever your site (e-commerce site, showcase site, blog …), it is important to show your presence on social networks to gain social signals. By regularly publishing original and viral campaigns, you establish a closer relationship with Internet users and they can easily share your publications and promote your content to their community. This will obviously have an indirect impact on your SEO positioning.
  • Analyse your site’s performance; SEO positioning is never a given. You must constantly analyze your performance to adjust your technique in order to maintain and improve your PageRank . Many analysis tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, Yooda Insight…, give you the keys to optimize the organic seo of your site.

10 tips to be visible on Google in 2021

As the end of 2020 is fast approaching, it is time to look to the year 2021 and think about your strategy for acquiring traffic and business on the web. SEO is the main generator of traffic for all sites: you have to fine-tune your SEO and SEA strategy to improve your positioning on Google and other search engines. 1st Position, SEO agency , draws up following checklist of optimisation and strong SEO trends for the year 2021.

To reach the 1 st page of Google or the first position, the SEO agency recommends:

  1. Target long tail keywords
  2. – Think about research intent
  3. – Focus on the production or updating of optimised content
  4. – Add structured data with the Schema.org format
  5. – Find and eliminate unnecessary pages
  6. Work on the popularity of the brand and the site
  7. – Optimise the tree structure and web navigation elements
  8. – Rely on Search Console more often
  9. – Take advantage of SEO for SEA and vice versa
  10. – Improve SEO local

This list, obviously not exhaustive, of tools, practices and optimisations finally brings together the famous triptych of SEO: content, technique and popularity. Regardless of the industry and type of your site, it is always a good idea to follow these recommendations to increase your web traffic.

2. Optimise content (h1, alt, texts)

The choice of words on each page of your site gives Google an indication of the main topic that will be covered. It is important to use the title tags h1 for the main title of the page and h2 for the subtitles (like a book with chapters). Another criterion that is often overlooked from SEO is the Alt tag in images. This tag is used to tell Google what content is in the image because Google can read text but cannot yet see or analyse an image effectively.

How to optimise content for better SEO

Try to describe the image as simply as possible so that Google can understand its content and also reference it in www.google.com/images. Finally, the textual content of the page must reflect the same themes as the titles. See if your main topic is present in all the content on your page and keep it consistent. It is advisable to treat only one subject per page and not to mix too much content to keep a neat organic seo. 

Be careful, however, with “keyword stuffing” (the misuse of keywords) that Google penalises. Therefor Always Choose Right Keywords for Better Website SEO.

If writing articles is not your forte, you should consider using either a writing platform like Text-broker or a SEO agency that can optimise your content for Google and offer you a global SEO strategy.

3. Improve the speed of a page by reducing the weight of images

Statistics prove it, the average loading time of a page referenced in the first position is less than 2 seconds, and this duration tends to increase for the less well referenced pages. The loading time of a page is therefore an important criterion for Google when it ranks your site. One of the easiest ways to optimise page load time is to reduce the weight of the images on it.

Improve the speed of a page for better seo

Several online tools and software allow you this weight reduction. You can optimise your image with software such as Photoshop. There are also online tools that allow you this optimisation, like Compressor or Tinning which promises up to 90% weight reduction.

Finally, if you use WordPress, several plugins allow you to automatically optimize the images of your website, in particular WP Smushit and Imagify which, once installed, offer you to optimize the images of your website in one click.

4. Use Google My Business to display your business right in Google

You have probably already seen the business pages that appear on the right when you do a Google search. The advantage of being in this section is to be more visible to Internet users compared to traditional results.

In addition, they will be able to see your address directly, access your website, create a route from their position to your premises, see the opening and closing hours, display and call your phone number or even see photos of your premises or your storefront. Your business gains a lot of visibility and Google My Business favors local businesses by putting you forward in local searches close to your business.

Google My Business
Google My Business file example

It’s easy for your business to find your way around this insert to the right of Google searches. To do this, you must create a Google My Business account. You will also need a postal address, which you fill in to receive a validation code by mail. Once your registration is finalised, you will be able to modify all the information concerning your company. These will be visible upon validation by Google teams.

For the next part, you will either have to use plugins to access your metadata, or ask the person who develops your site to help you. If you are using WordPress, we recommend the Yoast SEO plugin which will help you edit your meta tags easily.

5. How to optimize the visibility of local businesses on Google?

It is essential for any entrepreneur to develop his client portfolio effectively. This involves improving its brand image and promoting its products through expertly developed marketing strategies.

However, the visibility of a local business online is also crucial for direct interaction with prospects. The idea is to facilitate access to information relating to the company’s offers and services. Indeed, in the face of competition, it is essential to boost the online visibility of your business on Google.

Online visibility: the website, the most effective tool

Thanks to the web, even a local business can give itself the means to impact a very large audience. Of course, this involves creating an attractive website that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Bet in particular on an intuitive interface and a responsive design to optimise the user experience.

Remember that, for each request, the search engine favors the most relevant content. In other words, you must work on the information most sought after by Internet users and use the right keywords to ensure good visibility on the web.

While talking about a proper SEO campaign, the first thing that can play a vital role in the success of your site is unique content. If the content on your site is not exclusive or relevant, you may not be getting the required audience rating. The best way to find duplicate writing is to use a proper online plagiarism checker. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, now you can use free online tools to help you find the similarity in writing materials.

Google ranking: the parameters taken into account by the algorithms

To establish the ranking of search results, Google uses several criteria, including relevance and distance. Your website should therefore be designed in such a way that it effectively matches these parameters.

In the first place, it is necessary to work on the relevance which relates mainly to the detailed information on your establishment. Google needs to understand your business to be able to associate your listing with requests from your potential customers.

The search engine also takes into account the geographic distance between your business and your prospects or potential customers. To be more precise, the algorithms can favor the establishments closest to the site of the Internet user. However, it happens that more distant companies appear at the top of the local results because of the quality and the relevance of the information concerning them.

Besides relevance and distance, Google also considers the popularity of your business. Thus, your position in the local search results will depend on the popularity of your business. For example, prestigious hotels, museums and large retailers are given a high level of prominence, which consistently puts them on the front lines of query results.

But what does Google use to determine the level of prominence of a company? It’s simple, the search engine takes into account reviews, ratings or comments that relate to your company.

While positive reviews get you high in the local rankings, negative reviews can tarnish your online reputation. Either way, it is recommended to stick to good SEO practices for better local SEO.

Content marketing: to arouse the interest of Internet users

Good visibility on the web results from a combination of SEO strategies including content marketing. To succeed in this process, it is necessary to offer highly qualitative, unique and informative content. And obviously, the playful side should not be omitted if you plan to reach a very large audience.

Emphasis will also be placed on creativity and on the diversity of media such as blogs, videos, infographics and e-books. Everything will depend on your targets and their needs. Through these actions, you help to humanize the image of your company. Stay tuned to your audience, take into account the comments, but also the criticisms and adapt your offers according to the requests.

In short, content marketing is done in 7 steps. First, you develop a strategy, and then you do research or market research. Then comes the stage of putting content online as well as their promotion. Don’t forget to facilitate sharing in order to optimize the distribution of your publications. Finally, all content marketing involves measuring the results of actions taken.

Presence on social networks: to optimize visibility on Google

Local businesses can also take advantage of social media to optimize their visibility on Google. The key is to use the channels that best suit your business. Among the most popular social platforms, we find Facebook, which allows you to promote your business for free, to “praise” the quality of your products and services via a dedicated page.

On the other hand, if your goal is to interact directly with your customers and prospects, there is nothing better than Twitter. For professional exchanges, there is Linkedln while Google Business allows you to improve the backlinking of your website.

You can also call on a community manager who will manage your presence on the various social platforms. Remember that reviews will or will not help optimise your business’ visibility on Google.

Even if the exchanges on social networks are more or less informal, it is essential to adopt the right behaviors so as not to tarnish your image. When it comes to which social media you choose, it is important to make a brief description of your plans and activities on your pages.

Add the links, contacts so that your community can reach you at any time. Be careful, practices such as buying followers are not recommended. Better to rely on a small, active and quality web community rather than thousands of followers who do not react to your posts.

6. Optimise metadata

The “title” and “description” metadata are used to provide information to Google about the content of each web page. Google analyzes the metadata and compares it with the rest of the content on that same page to indicate which words are most representative of the content. Metadata is used not only to tell Google what content is important but also to provide information about your page to the Internet user who has made his search on Google. Your metadata must be clear to your audience, you must clearly explain the content of the page they are going to go to and have a call to action to encourage people to click on your site rather than a call to action. other.

In addition, the title of your page is to be chosen carefully because you can see it below, in WordPress in particular, it will be used in multiple places.

7. Optimise content for social media sharing

After classic meta, open graph meta are even less frequent on small and medium-sized sites. These open graph (or OG) meta tags are used to tell social networks what the title and description of your page is, and which image represents your page. This is useful if people share your page on social networks. Google attaches more and more importance to these shares. If they are optimised, they will be even more effective and this will benefit your organic seo.

8. Get backlinks to your site

You can have the best content in the world, if your site isn’t receiving enough quality links, you are unlikely to see it appear in the top positions on Google. 

Guillaume Peltier, founder of the Keyweo agency, recalls: “Link-building is a prerequisite for ranking on Google. For this, there are several techniques to obtain authority links, such as for example Link Baiting which consists in creating an article or any other resource of very high quality and interesting to organicly benefit from backlinks ”.

backlinks are important for website seo

Thanks to the relevant backlinks published on sites with content similar or related to yours, Google will then better understand what you are talking about and with a good optimisation of the pages and a global SEO strategy in addition (targeted theme, social media activation), you have then all the chances of having good results.

How to get backlinks?

In the jargon of SEO specialists, the term “backlink” or “inbound link” is very important. It designates a hypertext link that points to another site or to another domain. The backlink is to be distinguished from the internal link which is mainly used to facilitate the visitor’s navigation within the same site as well as the indexing of the pages. But let’s mostly focus on the importance of backlinks and the proven techniques to acquire them.

The importance of backlinks for the visibility of a site

The back link or incoming link is judiciously placed in the content in order to indicate to the visitor the location of relevant information on external sites. Through this process, the transmission of popularity from one website to another is initiated. Such recommendations are taken into account by Google’s relevance algorithms when ranking query results. In other words, the e-reputation of a site largely depends on backlinks.

The backlink is inseparable from an SEO strategy and netlinking. Admittedly, the backlinks which “are born” organicly and which point towards your site have all their importance in organic seo, nevertheless, an SEO consultant, such as Web Passion for example, will use all his expertise to generate a large quantity of links quality inputs. Because for search engines like Google, it is not enough to have a lot of inbound links since their quality and even their relevance are also judged.

For example, the anchor of the link should relate to the content of the targeted page. The themes must therefore match. In addition to being relevant, the link must encourage action and this in a semantic and thematic context adapted to be truly effective in optimizing the visibility of the website.

How to get backlinks for good seo
The importance of backlinks for the visibility of a site and SEO

What techniques to use to acquire backlinks?

There are several proven methods of getting quality backlinks.

  • The “Skycraper” or the skyscraper method; We owe this method to Brian Dean, an SEO specialist and American blogger. It consists of finding content that has already acquired many inbound links. Then, it is enough to be based on these articles to create one or more contents of better quality. Add even more information and new relevant elements.
    • Focus on easy-to-read articles with short paragraphs, pictures and videos. You just need to contact the sites that mentioned the basic article in order to get as many links as possible to the content of your website.
  • The guest article method; SEO specialists also use the guest post method to generate backlinks. The principle is to work in partnership with influential bloggers. You will be able to post your articles on their site. It’s a win-win concept because you get the right to post to a reputable blog and grab some quality inbound links. For his part, the blogger will be able to enrich his page with new content. Of course, you will have to identify bloggers who deal with topics similar to yours. Do not hesitate to share their content on social networks, post comments on targeted blogs and do not hesitate to contact bloggers by email to forge a partnership.
  • Register on buying / selling platforms; It is today to get links by using specialised online services which gives you access to sites and web that agree to publish articles, press releases or even sponsored links. A netlinking platform will offer you a wide choice of domain names and themes to increase the authority of your website by obtaining quality backlinks. These link buying platforms are called RocketLinks, SemJuice or Submit (but there are others) and you just need to register for free to then have access to the list of sites offered and associated prices.


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